April 8, 2011


In a split moment, I've decided to return to this original space on the web. Taking a break was really what I needed at the time, and I feel ready to start again.

I really have no agenda or 'point' for this space. It's just me, like it always was!

I am pretty much the same as before, with of course some growth in all areas of my life, as we tend to do.

Currently, my youngest little girl is 20 months and super smart and super busy! My third daughter just turned 5 years old and is so excited about starting school next year. My 7 year old is reading and spelling and doing math with lightening speed! My oldest, who has some special needs, is doing AMAZING!!!! She is writing her name and other words by herself and communicating much better.

Currently, we are in the midst of gardening- planting and weeding and watering and praying over our little plants. We will be getting our first flock of chickens soon, upon completion of the coop, and that will be, um, fun?

I have made about 20 cakes for people since I left you all. I have learned much and am getting more comfortable with doing it. Where it will take me I know not. I have become an avid KNITTER!!! Since I last posted I've made several pairs of fingerless mitts, socks, 4 sweaters, numerous hats, booties and this morning just knitted an adorable Easter egg! Knitting is perfect for me and I do love it.

I still bake our bread weekly, cook mostly from scratch and seek out natural things, BUT I am no longer the Nourishing Traditions freak that I was. Too much stress and time involved. Instead I focus on local high quality foods, prepared the best way I can, and don't stress so much about properly preparing grains, sourdough, fermenting etc. It's fun to do, when you have the time. My time is spent elsewhere now. However I am simmering some beans on the stove that I actually remembered to soak last night! My husband will thank me :)

My husband and I will soon celebrate our 10th anniversary on the 21st. SO HARD TO BELIEVE!!!! I will turn 29 on my next birthday, again, SO HARD TO BELIEVE!!!!! Wasn't I just 18 years old the other day?

Anyways, there will be more to come of course, and hopefully today I will get some pictures up of our home. Sort of a spur of the moment, look how I redecorated with stuff I already had, tour.


Candy said...

I think you have a beautiful home, and I am excited to see the pictures, and see what changes you've made.

Welcome back to blog world! I enjoyed my several month break, as well.

I'm so glad you're back! :-)

Confident In Christ said...

I am glad to 'see' you back. I am not a blogger, but I enjoyed reading yours when you were blogging before. I am looking forward to peaking into your life and gleaning from you as well! :)

Leah said...

Welcome back! =)
I have always enjoyed reading your posts! I cant wait to see what you come up with next! =)