April 8, 2011


For awhile I've felt like I needed to post pictures of my cakes somewhere, but didn't want to do much about it :) I guess now is the time. I am curious about other people's opinions, because I am very critical of my work. I've only charged for one cake so far, simply because I'm always afraid it will get screwed up!

Anyways, we'll go backwards just for fun! This is the most recent cake, my niece who turned 4 last weekend. She wanted Dora, and I could NOT find any Dora figures! So we just did all of her favorite things on the cake instead.

This was the biggest one I've ever done! It was like a wedding cake size. This was for a friend's little girl who turned 6. She wanted a Fancy Nancy themed cake. It was HUGE!!!

The week before this one was my daughter Sarah's birthday. She wanted a blue princess party, which of course would be Cinderella!

The Cake

The Birthday Decor

Lots of balloons and streamers you can't see.

The Birthday Girl

(yes I was nuts and made that dress too!)

Alright enough of that! Couldn't help it though....

These were all done in the month of March :) Busy...each cake takes me like a week because I have to break it up in small chunks of work.

Apparently I have lost a bunch of pictures that I took of various cakes. I've been looking for them and I only found a few. I guess that's why I should have posted them already!
Before this one was a boy baby shower cake, two hunting themed cakes, a bejeweled butterfly cake, a zebra print cake with pink flowers and bows, a Star Wars cake (very hard!), a sculpted real looking Eagle cake (hubby did that one), a rose cake for my mom, a fishing cake for someone else, and the original castle cake. There's probably more than that...to be continued....
This will be a to be continued post...


DeNiece Barnes said...

I love them. You really did an awesome job on all of them. I would have to say that my favorite one is the Cinderella cake I love it. You have some serious talent, me myself I do not think that I am that creative lol....

Jenni said...

I love tham ALL! I would totally pay you to make cakes for us!