April 14, 2011

Everything Post

During my baby-is-finally-napping time, this is what I did. I sure did need some down time!

Doesn't it look scary? It took me awhile to figure out how to use double pointed needles, but I decided to try making some socks after Christmas and finally got the hang of it. I still don't love it, but I can do it easily now. I decided to try making Samantha a wool diaper cover in the round, which means you knit it in a tube so there's no seams to sew. I've come a long way on it since....

This is what Sarah was doing. She is obsessed with Barbies- loves loves loves it. Samantha was asleep, and that's where the massive Barbie mansion is, so she moved into the living room.

My living room looks like this a lot of the time. Not necessarily Barbies, but definitely random shrapnel that everyone has scattered, usually the baby.

Did I mention that my two middle girls are playing t-ball this year? This is the first time we've ever done anything "extracurricular". Wow these people are disorganized! I've gotten at least 3-4 'surprise' calls about practice being in like an hour from the call! Most of it is my husband's fault because they send him text messages and he is so busy he forgets to tell me. But sometime the coaches just spring it on us. They've been practicing 3-4 weeks now, and so far we have no schedule of future games/scrimmages, no uniforms (although they did both get sponsors so we don't have to buy them) and like, no numbers of people to contact. We spent $140 to put them in baseball, then we spent like $150 on equipment- helmets, gloves, bats and cleats. Dang!

When I was a kid all we had to provide was shoes and gloves. Maybe we bought the uniform, I don't remember. Still...Sarah's team is called the Rangerettes and Alexa's team has the dumbest name ever!!!! The Diamond Dolls- stick finger down throat here. How does that relate to baseball?

Anyways, what I was knitting is a wool diaper soaker for the baby. I haven't been using cloth diapers because I only had newborn sized and toddler sizes. But I think we're going to get back into it soon. I'm getting closer to the finish line!

Also, I took some pictures of cooking yesterday. I usually make my bread in the bread machine, as in I have it mix up the dough and then I shape it and bake it. I needed to make a larger amount of dough this time, so I did it by hand, and I had a helper! I realized it is nice to have a machine to do the work for me, but it really doesn't take a long time to do it yourself, and it's a nice change. And Samantha really enjoyed it as well :)

This dough was great. I wanted to make pizza rolls and cinnamon rolls, so I just found a dinner roll recipe and added some extra ingredients. I didn't get pictures of the end result because they are GONE!!! I made mini cinnamon rolls, very cute, easier for the girls to eat and they are gone. I made at least 24 of them! I'll have to post the recipe sometime.
Anyways, today I'm going to browse around looking for fabric for dresses. Time to go!


Blessed Mom said...

Lol, you and I have a lot in common! Down time and knitting, love it! Shrapnel, that made me laugh! I'll have to tell my kids, go pick up your shrapnel!! Cloth diapering, we do it, and we don't, because I've got a little guy with allergies, and yucky diapers, so I really want to, but sometimes get tired of the mess. Tball...ugh..my hubby and I coached a couple of years, and we were always working hard to keep in contact with our parents, hope they get there act together, that's hard. My son is in regular baseball now, and they seem to have it a little more together thank goodness.

And bread, I just found a new amazing recipe for soft bread that we love, and although I have a mixer, it only holds one loaf, and I would have to make it every day, so we make it by hand, it's not hard, and you get a workout. lol. I just did a tutorial on my blog.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your day!


CcsMomma said...

I'm so happy you're back to blogging. I had you saved in Google Reader! YAY! I hope your bloggy break was restful. Since I started Facebooking I've found blogging slowly went by the wayside. I tried to start back up too, but just kept forgetting.
Welcome back!