April 8, 2011

Changing for Spring

Back in the fall, or well, actually the beginning of September (not really considered fall here it's still so hot!) we painted our living room a lovely golden hue. Well, that's what we wanted. It turned out to be more the hue of THE SURFACE OF THE SUN :) Or marigold, sunflower, turmeric, yellow mustard...and so on. VERY yellow.

Since cooler weather was supposed to be on its way sometime in the next few months, I chose deeper colors. Deep shimmery green on the windows, red and brown and gold everywhere else. It worked really well, even during Christmas when things could have clashed. (it's a big living room and it really is THE living room where we all are all the time, so it needs to be nice on the eyes)

I've been wanting to trade off those colored things, while I liked them, for something more fresh. Ample supplies of money I didn't have and the need to do something now was something I couldn't squelch any longer. Also, the littlest one needed to have some special place to play in this big room, so we needed to do some rearranging. Well, I did anyways.

So, before on this table I had a large iron piece hanging on the wall, a large vase of green hydrangeas, my rooster and a basket of seashells. I loved it, but found a cute little aqua ceramic vase at a flea market the other day, and it didn't fit. So I started playing in this corner with things I had and this what I came up with.

Believe it or not, the cloth on the table is a curtain! I just started digging around in some boxes that I keep home decorations in, or in this case I took a fruit basket filled with a bag of oranges (yes they're real and on sale) and a terra cotta pot thingie from the porch. I put a tea light candle in there with the seashells- very pretty. Our anniversary is this month so I put our wedding picture there. I stripped fall decorations off the wreath and grabbed a piece of ecru lace from my sewing basket, and voila. I really like the colors. I am more and more impressed at how versatile this wall color is.

Moving on....above the TV. I had a large basket of sunflowers and the two candlesticks from the above picture sitting on it. Here it is now:

Different I know. I had a random piece of heavy fabric that I didn't know what to do with. So I put it on top of the armoire. I have an abundance of sticks outside since many trees have been cut down. You know those Easter ornament trees they sell? This is kind of what I was going for. I clipped some glittery butterflies left from a cake I did to the branches and there is one easter eggs up there. I knitted the entire thing in an hour this morning- stuffed and ready to go! FUN! I had a lovely bunch of orange and yellow tulips, but no vase that really worked with the whole bunch. However, I did have a supply of bud vases, so I split the flowers up and they add great pops of color all around.

As anyone knows with a curious toddler, objects on the coffee table are often a battle ground. I decided to test it out again and put something out that she wants and that I don't mind her playing with. (the sea shells) A simple coffee table arrangement, with plenty of room to set things on:

Again, just pretty much shopped around my house, and I don't have many knick knacks.

Here is the new play area behind this here loveseat. It's working out great- very happy with it.

The tea table...which we did have tea and super awesome Lindt chocolates at yesterday.

And back to the front of the room, my new knitting area. I moved those big hydrangeas over here- I really need to actually trim them and make an arrangement, but this will do for now. I also made a "remote" bed- I put some quilt batting in the basket and covered it with a piece of fabric. I don't know, just thought it would be cute. It can also hold my knitting pieces in a hurry.

My grandmother made the afghan on the chair. I would have gotten shots of the rest of the room, but we'll do that another time. Today was just a peak into the corners of my home :)

It was a fun challenge, changing the look of things just recycling things around. I am so pleased with the colors too. When all is tidied and quiet, it is very peaceful and serene, especially with the lit candles. Even when it's on the loud and messy side, the room still feels peaceful. YAY for that!


DeNiece Barnes said...

Oh it is so good to see you. I am so glad that you stopped by to let me know. This is so excited I am glad to have my blogging friend back in the world of blogging....

Anonymous said...

I myself am on a yellow painted wall kick... there is just something about the hue of it that calms me.. but the way you decorated really is nice!

Candy said...

Ditto to what DeNiece said. :-)

I think your decorating is very nice and homey. The yellow walls are so cheery. My walls are yellow, too. I love it.

Thank you for e-inviting us into your home today.

MamaAnt said...

I am so glad you are back! I think your corners look lovely and delightfully welcoming! I like the wall color too.


Marie said...

I really love the yellow, I myself am in search of the perfect yellow and I'm contemplating the use of it in both the kitchen and living area. Looks like you've did a great job with your room. My main goal is to make everything look a lot older than it really is.