April 14, 2011

My Garden

This past winter I started learning about something the French have called Potager gardens. Basically, they are functional gardens that are pretty to look at :) You grow your pretties, veggies and herbs all together in an eye pleasing way.

Here are some of my inspirational pictures:

In my dreams!!

So, anyways, we had to move our garden plot from last year because we figured out it was right on top of the septic system :( There were still many trees to clear in the back before we could set up a garden back there, so we chose this spot right next to the house.

Still, um, in the planning phase here.

So, we have sand. This makes things a bit harder. Our plants just haven't grown as fast as we thought they should. So what are we growing?

We have two english pea trellises. The right side bed has cabbages, lettuces and Red Swiss Chard.

The other rectangle has medicinal herbs- chamomile, horehound, lavender, echinacea and some eggplants :)

We have a large area for a variety of tomatoes and lots of herbs for cooking. We just planted most of them a week or so ago, so they're still small.

We now have a berry patch, two blueberry bushes and my mom's strawberry plants in between They look like there will be lots of berries this year.

Then there are different kinds of squash in this bed. I can't remember what they are!

We also have lots of decorative elements in the works. My husband is planning to build a lattice covered seating area between these rose bushes. (it'll go where the wood stakes are)

We plan to covered the dirt paths with rocks or stepping stones. There will be a picket fence and arches covered with something that climbs. I plan to put my peppermint in large pots so it doesn't take over. (it WILL!) Anyways, in the middle, where that circular spot was, we want to get a stone bird bath and put some potted plants around it. So, lots of future plans that may change. Last night we were able to pick a pea pod and eat the peas out of it- sugary sweet!

Most of the plants have been grown from seeds, which we buy online here. They are heirloom varieties that are guaranteed NOT genetically modified. We have had great success with these seeds.

Way out in the woods, my husband finally got some trees cleared and the dirt plowed up. Now we have rows and rows of corn, hot peppers, potatoes, green beans and cucumbers. I want to put cukes in my garden too, after the peas get done. Phew, that's a lot of growing plants! I better start stocking up on canning jars and ziploc baggies.

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true blessings said...

Welcome back Jessica.Your blog is one of my favorites.I can't wait to read your food/health posts:)