February 22, 2008

Going home

I'm at our hotel now. It's been a week of winter now! We left the highest drifts of snow I've ever seen and have been driving in it all day. This morning not too long after we left Michigan we heard that there was to be a large ice storm in St. Louis, which is where we were heading. We had to stop and find an open wireless network so we could check the weather and make an alternate route. In the end we came the same way anyways, just stopped a little further north than the storm.

We are so tired and so ready to be back home. We have a much longer drive tomorrow because we didn't make it as far. I pray we can get up early and get moving so we can get home before 10pm!!!

Oh, and one night while in the UP, it got down to 20 below zero!

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*MichiganMomma* said...

YEAH!! Michigan rocks!!

The funny thing is to read your comment about it being 20 below and realizing you thought that was extreme or amazing.....just another day ~ especially in the UP.

We are taking a quick trip up to Mackinax