February 14, 2008

Just uninteresting stuff

Wow I'm tired...didn't sleep well last night. I worked really hard yesterday and today, and my work is almost done. I tell ya, I'm almost looking forward to sitting for a couple of days to recuperate!

The last time I made this trip I had to haul a box of babyfood, formula, bottles, playpens, strollers etc. So, it is nicer to not have to take so much stuff like that this time around. Someday they will all be potty trained! How simple a trip could be...I'll feel lost without a diaper bag :)

Thanks for the tips on what things to stock our car with in case of emergency. I was able to get most of it at our walmart, but not everything. We aren't planning to need it :) My wonderful mother bought some things for the girls to play with in the car. She got these books that you and magnetic paper dolls or something like that; special crayons and paper for Sarah; My Little Ponies with hairbrushes and I am bringing map pencils, paper, some books and the movies. I also invested in buying a "Soothing Sounds for Relaxation" cd. We might need some help with that. Wally World didn't have any books that looked good, so I guess I will have to re-read some books I have. Of course sometimes reading in the car makes me sick, but usually I can recognize the signals of when to stop before I feel too bad.

Oh, and my husband completely surprised me today. I knew we were going to be busy packing and stuff and that we wouldn't really have time to celebrate Valentine's Day, but he remembered. He came home with a very pretty birthstone ring for me. I've never gotten jewelry on Valentine's Day before, and have been wanting a birthstone ring for awhile. It's a gold band, with tiny diamonds on either side of a princess cut emerald. He always surprises me- it is so hard for me to surprise him!

So anyways, all this rambling is the result of my tiredness...sorry. I guess this is my last post unless I'm able to get connected in the U.P. (upper peninsula) Talk to yall later!

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