February 7, 2008

How I diaper the baby

Well, the baby will be two next month, so you can tell how much I want her to grow up :)

I have been cloth diapering off and on for 4 years now. I think I've tried just about everything out there from pockets to fitteds to prefold to flats etc, not to mention wool soakers, plastic pants, wrap covers, fleece covers...

When my older two were 1 and 2 years we bought the Fuzzi Bunz that I ended up giving to Candy. They were great because I was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time and dealing with poo was making me sick.

So, with Sarah, I bought 20 small fuzzi bunz thinking she would stay little for a long time like my other two did. She grew out of those in two months. So, we used disposables till she fit into the larger fuzzi bunz, then she grew out of those.

So, I started gathering more diapers. (above is a sample of our 'stash')I learned about these ones called 'Thirsties' which were really cute and a good price. I bought 6 of those and two covers which I love. Then I bought three all-in-one pocket diapers from Swaddlebees. Basically it's an all in one diaper- cover and soaker part all sewn together, but it has a pocket in it in case you want to add more absorbency. I also liked that it snapped on the sides.

I also have a collection of toddler prefold diapers, which you have to use pins ( I keep my Dritz pins in a bar of soap so they glide easier through the fabric) or a snappi, the pink 'T' shaped thing there, and a waterproof cover. I have two wool covers that are GREAT! I dyed them with kool-aid and they have held up all this time. I also have several flat diapers that I prefold so when I need one I don't have to fold it first. Also pictured is a Polar Bummi wrap made of fleece. I don't like it- though I've been careful it already looks worn, is bulky, stinks after one use, and of course, Sarah takes it off.

So what is my favorite? Honestly, I like pinning prefolds and using a wool cover. Sarah takes off her diapers constantly with the velcro, so I either do a fitted diaper with wool or other pull on cover, or a flat/prefold that is fastened and then the wrap cover. The rascal! Wool is great because it somehow keeps wetness from seeping through, is antibacterial, and doesnt' need to be washed very often. These covers badly need to be washed and re-lanolinized (wool naturally has lanolin, the property that makes them water resistant), but I'm all out of wool wash, so we just keep using them anyways. Wool is breathable and feels warm in winter and cool in summer.

I also have a small collection of hemp and terry cloth doublers. Doublers are just another layer to add more absorbency without a lot of bulk, and hemp is extremely absorbent. Since hemp is a natural fiber, it also has antibacterial properties as well. Unfortunately it tends to stink after awhile, so you have get used to that.

I moved the changing table to my bedroom, which works well because Sarah is too big to change on it now, so I can use the bed.
Notice all the stuff on the floor-our 'stash' of stuff for our upcoming trip...

In the top drawer I put everything I use frequently, or 'easy to use' items.

In the next drawer I put the prefolded flat diapers, the liners/doublers, and the flushable paper liners I have. The bottom drawer has wipes (I don't do cloth wipes though) and odds and ends.

In the little side door I keep folded prefold diapers and extra covers for the changing pad. On the top of that I have our wipes, powder and lotion, and a little basket with pins, snappis and diaper cream. (I've had that tube for over two years!)

In the hallway I have an open trash can that I toss the used diapers into, and wash them every 2 days or so. Generally if we're going to church or going to be out for awhile I just use disposables for ease on everyone else, but if we're just going to the grocery store or something I use the stuffed all-in-one diaper. The booty is a little bulky, but with a dress on you don't notice.

So, that's it. Hope it made sense, I've had just about every interruption you can imagine while trying to make this post :)


My Life With Boys said...

Oh, I so want to get into this again (cloth diapering)! I still have to find something that really works. There is just something empowering about re-using diapers and not having to buy disposables! You've got quit the system. I need to make up a system that works for me too. I enjoyed the post- thanks!

prayzgod said...

Great diaper post. I was thinking of doing pictures of my stash as well. :-P

I'd say that my favorites are prefolds, trifolded and layed in a wrap, or snappied on. I mostly use Bummi Whisper wraps, but I also have a fleece one, a few Bumpkins, and a prowrap. Lately, I've also been just snappi-ing on a prefold, and putting a Gerber pull over that.

I'm going to miss cloth diapering when my little gets older. It really is fun! :-D

Jessica said...

Great info! I never even tried anything besides MotherEase; which I semi like... Maybe I'll have to branch out a bit!