February 12, 2008

My Other Half

**Note- click on pics please, you can see them much better.

My husband is wonderful.

I'm going to list several things here that have led me to this conclusion :)

1. He brought me flowers last night 'just because'

2. He lets me call him anytime even at work if I'm having a bad day-and he takes the time to talk constructively.

3. If I ask him to do something he always does it. ( will you please take out the trash?)

4. He is GREAT with his daughters- they are so happy and secure when Daddy is home. Last night they made tents out of blankets and hid from Mama.

5. He's not afraid of doing what is right and doing it right away.

6. He puts the girls to bed each night. (I assist with baths and pjs, but he says prayers etc.)

7. Big one- He gets up with them in the middle of the night. The main reason why? I don't hear them :( But he doesn't just wake me up, he takes care of them.

8. He is game for anything and spontaneous. (12pm on Saturday- let's go have a picnic at the park!)

9. He is creative and inventive. (he's always telling me some new idea for an invention he has, and can figure out how to make it work, just no time or money to do it, and then obviously, the mural on my girls' wall!!)

10. He tells me he loves me pretty much everyday. Ever so often he will leave me a love note somewhere, or do something for me like unloading the dishwasher etc.

11. He always makes the bed if I'm up before him- I've never asked him to either.

12. If I'm late getting around he will make breakfast and get the girls' diapers changed before going to work.

I could go on, but I'll stop there. I knew when we were courting that he was going to be a good husband and father. But, I didn't realize that it would take years to grow and change and become what we are today. The turning point was when I read "Fascinating Womanhood" and learned about our roles as determined in the Bible. I stopped whining about what he didn't do etc. I became less selfish, although having two babies in the same year kind of helped that along too. He in turn became more confident, more thoughtful and loving. He is the head of our household and I can go to him for prayer anytime. It is wonderful to be able to lean on him and trust him with our care.

During his illness, we had lots and lots of bumps. (this was most of last year, about 6-8 months total) He lost his confidence, had much wavering in faith and became depressed. Thankfully God was able to keep me strong for him. I did have my low spells, but He was able to use me to uplift my husband and give beyond my own strength. It was very hard, but the rewards are so great. I look back on that time and smile because we made it through that valley, and are more refined than before.

Thank you Lord for giving me an awesome man of You to love. I am blessed indeed.

**unfortunately I have no pictures on the computer of us together and our scanner is broken...

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