February 25, 2008

I'm here

Well I'm back finally. That trip home was a doozy- got to our house at 11pm Saturday night. Yesterday we didn't make it to church, but dh played some praise songs on his guitar and read from the Bible. We tried to explain to Alexa that we are the church, not just the building :)

Today I will be trying to rescue my house from the awful mess it is in. At least the kitchen is clear and the dishes are being washed. Last night I just bought some groceries with no list- ahhh!!! But i did good- we might make it a whole week with what I got, we'll see. My cultures have been neglected, so I have to revive my sourdough starter, make some yogurt quick, and start kombucha- hope it's not dead!

Big news- we are moving! My inlaws have decided that they won't be moving to Texas after all, and need to sell this house soon. So we are looking around for somewhere else. I do like living in the town we're in, but for Leiah and Matt's sake, something closer to the city would be better. The problem is the cost of living is higher the closer you get to the city. We did find a home in the country that we like- we just need to look inside it and see if we can afford it. Rent around here is crazy- why pay over $800 per month for a house we won't own when we can buy one and only pay $4-500 per month and own it?? Those pesky down payments and loans are the difficult part.... I do NOT want to re-pack all our stuff- it's been less than a year since we moved in here, but, at least we'll be getting rid of a lot, a nice perk to moving.

Anyways, my mother-in-love sent home some organic dried peas, beans and oats, so I'm set for awhile on those.

Menu for the Week

Breakfasts: today was oatmeal and raisin bread; french toast and bacon; baked oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, eggs and homemade bread toasted; pancakes; regular cooked oatmeal

Lunches- don't know yet, tuna sandwiches at some point and leftovers

Dinners: M-baked spanish rice
Tu-crockpot white bean and ham soup, cornbread, salad; W- Farmhouse Chicken casserole, broccoli; Th-Susan's Mac-n-cheese (dh's mom's recipe, will reveal later) and green beans; Fri- Italian chicken and rice bake, salad, garlic bread; Sat-whatever dh wants; Sun- tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Please excuse the lack of order in this post- things are anything but orderly here!

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My Life With Boys said...

Ugh...rent is crazy here too! We can't even buy anything for $400 to $500 a month (mortgage payment that is...). The place would be a dump! We are currently paying $795 a month for our rental. It is adequate but definitely not 'that' nice. In fact we are hoping to move again next year. This time to buy something. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are moving into the suburbs in a month and they'll be increasing their cost of housing by $1100 every month! YIKES! They were (are) paying $500 and they will soon be paying $1600 a month- for a 3 bedroom ranch! So, take comfort in knowing that there are more expensive parts of the country than where you are at! =) Happy house hunting! Yay...moving can be kind of fun! Right?! ;)