March 12, 2008

Changing my Body

I've been wanting to change my body's appearance for, oh the last 20 years! No, seriously, I've always been self conscious of my largeness, even as a child. (I'm 25 by the way, so that gives you an idea of how long I've felt this way) I've vacillated back and forth with being happy with the way I am to unhappy. I've tried several diets in my life, none of which worked. Finally I lost about 20lbs in highschool during track season. I am not kidding, I worked out about 3 hours a day for 4 days a week plus the track meet. What is so amazing about that is that running has never been my strong point, yet I was able to run 2.5 miles in 30 minutes and win 1st place throwing the discus. (Remember that teacher I described with the crazy blond hair? He was also my coach- he thought anyone could do anything, and he was right! He also conned me into doing calculus even though math is not my strong point, I did it and aced it!)

But I digress...just a tad :)

Anyways, I did lose about 40lbs after I got married on the Living Well program. I honestly don't know how I did it, God did I guess, because it was so strict, but I loved it and it started me on the path to eating better.

Then I had babies. Unfortunately for me, I was totally ignorant about how to care for my body during pregnancy, and my tummy just went ahead and stayed stretched out. That compounded with back to back pregnancies (hey, we tried to space them, this was God's doing) and a special needs baby = no time for a real weight reduction program.

I'll just be upfront and honest- I am 5'9 tall and somewhere between 220-240lbs. I've always been heavier than I look; I'm guessing I have very dense bones or something. I have been this weight for about 4 years now. I did lose when preggo with Sarah for reasons unknown to me and then after her birth I gained. I did the South Beach diet for a week and lost 10lbs, but for some reason it gave me the running-to-the-bathroom syndrome. (the runs) I said forget this!

This has been such a mystery to me, because for the most part we eat healthy. In fact I don't have a hunger problem- I eat three times a day, sometimes a little snack in the afternoons if I'm feeling low. Cutting the carbs does make me lose, but that is more expensive.

So, I bought some Firm tapes a month or so ago. I finally did them today, and it wasn't so bad! I did the 25 minute Jiggle Free Abs workout and my stomach was burnin', but I was able to do most of it. Then I started my other video, and after about 20 minutes I was getting tired and called it quits. Plus I didn't have the hand weights or step stool thingie either-forgot about that.

I am thinking of doing some type of diet change. I need to get healthier in general; most of my gut problems are gone thanks to kefir and coconut oil, but I want to have vibrant health. The last few days I've been upping my coconut oil intake and making sure I take my supplements. (cod liver oil, St. John's Wort, MSM and ambrotose, plus the kefir) I really want to get some type of superfood, but the one I want is a bit expensive :( I've also been eating a half of a ruby red grapefruit almost every day. I hate grapefruit, but these are delicious!

I would highly recommend to any and everyone to get some virgin coconut oil! This stuff is absolutely miraculous. Go here and here to read more about it. I've recently started applying it to my stretch marks and c-section scars and plan to put it on my scalp. (I have very mild excema there) I plan to start saving for a gallon of it, but right now we just buy it from our health food store for about $9 for 1lb. This usually lasts at least 2 months, but now that I'm using more it may only last a few weeks. Still, it's worth it.

Other thoughts...I am thinking of limiting the carbs to breakfast and maybe a little at dinner time, just because of the expense and I hate feeling deprived. Maybe lunch could be all raw, like a big salad with homemade dressing, some fruit, maybe some protein like cheese or eggs. Usually if I plan to limit myself, I'm starving all day long. But if I don't care, I don't think about it. I don't want to be thinking about food all of the time. I'm also trying to make more Nourishing Traditions foods-making sure I always soak grains and flour, making salad dressing etc.

Speaking of Nourishing Traditions I happened on a couple of websites that have more info and recipes about it. You should check them out: Passionate Homemaking
The Nourishing Gourmet

I have a lot more energy today because of eating better, the exercise I did and my supplements. Yesterday I didn't get much sleep, but eating the coconut oil and my supplements, along with lots of prayer I felt pretty good. It does pay to eat well.


Joy Comes in the Morning said...

I hear ya gal. I have the same problems. I am about your size and I can't loose wieght. Short of starvation that is. We try to eat decent. I use alot of Nourshing Traditions, as much as I can afford. I take my Super Mom vitamins and stay active, but nothing changes. I come from a family were all the girls are broad through their backs and we have those "birthing hips" LOL! Sometimes I think it is just the way God intended, although I still would like to expand in our quest to eat healthier. I would love it if you could do a series on this. I am sure alot of women would be able to relate, especially after having babies.

MAMA said...

yeah I second the series!!. Right now I'm doing something as far as eating (see my blog) and am just commiting to 1 week. If I like it I may go for 2...we'll see.

Sarah said...

I have a lot of weight that I need to lose, for the sake of my health. You gave some great pointers in this post, Jessica. I am interested in learning more about the Living Well program. By the way, you look great without makeup! You have beautiful skin! I just ordered the Sheer Cover mineral makeup, I am anxious to try mineral makeup! I love your hair, too!

Mrs.KAOS said...

Water, drink lots of water, it keeps you full and flushes your system. I also munch on cucumbers and celery. And try to keep moving, even if its just the fidgets :). Loosing weight is hard, you may ask your Doc to check your bone density and body fat percent. Being healthy is better than being skinny. I'm 27 5'1" and 155, with no babies, some of the weight is in my chest but many days I feel like a sad little porcelain tea pot in a world of tall fancy silver coffee pot.