March 24, 2008

Child Training Project

Well today was the first day of me focusing on the re-training of my children. It's gone pretty well so far...we had a 'show down' before 8 am with Miss Alexa, big surprise. We've since had about three more 'incidents', but she is getting better already. I'm in it for the long haul this time-enough is enough.

So my goal for this week is the have cheerful first time obedience. I am focusing mostly on Alexa, the middle child who is 4 years old and very smart which = manipulative :) However, I am also working on being 100% consistent with the other two as well. My two year old is certainly needing it!

I am not really following a specific book or parenting method. I am doing loose tomato staking
where I am generally in the same room or within earshot of the children. I want them to learn to play together nicely and fairly without adult supervision all the time. I also want them to learn how to control and govern themselves if they are playing in their bed room or play room or outside without me. I will not always be around as they get older. (we are planning to do private school...) I did take some special times out for them today. We read several Beatrix Potter stories, then after Sarah went down for her nap I gave the other two full manicures and pedicures. (well, we soaked hands and feet, lotioned up, cut nails and painted them) We worked in some preschool workbooks, checked on the garden etc. Letting them have special 'big girl' time makes them happy.

So, I feel good about the changes. My husband told me he was praying for me today and I know many of you are too, so thank you. I've felt them :)

I was able to accomplish some things today. So far I've done all the laundry (well it"s all washed), I've got a rich stock cooking from the leftover lamb bones, made out my weekly menu, mopped the floor and quick vacuumed the living room, changed the sheets on my bed and put away all stray clothing and items, rearranged some toys in the girls room, plus just basic care of the girls.
The major thing that happened- Leiah swallowed a penny. I prayed over her, and am believing that the Lord will just dissolved that thing up and let her pass it. Sheesh- guess I'm just going to have to give her a swat every time she mouths something inedible. The bad thing was I had no idea she had it in her mouth. Gotta watch carefully!

Well, I hope I can do my Firm workout in a few minutes...hopefully Leiah will be asleep soon so I can use the TV :) (she sleeps on the couch next to me) Supposedly after 10 workouts you're guaranteed to show a difference. If my waist can actually look like a waist I'll be pleased.

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