March 5, 2008

My long list of to do's for today that haven't be to done yet!

I feel the need to list what I've accomplished so far because it doesn't look like I did anything! I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall- the more I organize and declutter, the more messes seem to appear. HOW!?? I am seriously thinking of snapping pictures of the storage areas in my home, all my stuff and posting them for advice! I am generally organized in my thinking, but with all the children about while I'm working, my head is spinning. Yet if I am organizing their stuff, I have to do it while they are awake.

So, this morning I tackled several piles. I took before pictures, but not the after ones yet. Will post later. The toys are still not like I want them yet...

I went through the PILES of papers on the desk, and cleaned out some of the drawers.

I took down my Swedish Christmas tree. I left it up because it was so pretty and I thought I would do a year round tree, but I didn't really have a good place for it and I was starting to get tired of it. So down it went.

I cleared off the shelves with sewing supplies.

I cleaned the hallway that has our exercise bike and lots of odds and ends.

I started baked beans in the crockpot.

I rebooted the kefir.

I boiled potatoes for potato salad.

Fed everyone lunch and made SEVERAL phone calls.

Entertained a guest for awhile.

I don't even have half of my to do list done for today! I still have to make the salad, bake banana bread, finish clearing the piles of stuff, fold and put away a large basket of laundry, make yogurt, clean out the fridge, find my spring/Easter decorations and work on those dang toys!

But I'm tired! Oh, I was planning to do my exercise tape today, do Brain Gym with Leiah and school. I just can't do it all today. But I still have two days before company comes, so I stretched my list to span the next two days- so I really have done a lot then!

So now I'm changing today's to do list:

finish making dinner

do the laundry

do Brain Gym

whatever else I can fit in :)


*MichiganMomma* said...

I find that happens here too - the day is simply not long enough for me to get everything done. And what I want to do is GOOD, there just simply isn't time!!

So then I have to prioritize (ah, my dh would be so happy to hear this). I tend to think *everything* HAS to get done ~ but in reality, there are things that can (have) to wait.

I'm not good at this - I tend to get frustrated and annoyed because I can't do it all. I once heard a momma say she would literally ask God to help her know what to do next. I have started to do that as well. When in need, we know who to turn to!!

God bless you as you work on all this stuff while lovin' on those three beautiful girls~

prayzgod said...

Wouldn't it be great if we had 34 hour days? I bet that wouldn't be enough either, though. :-?

I got all of my stuff done today, but I'm tired too! :-(

Every day, I usually make it to dinner, then I have to really push to clean up from dinner. After that, we relax and have family time, then I have to pull energy out of nowhere to tuck my sweeties in.

After that, I just collapse in my recliner. :-P