March 2, 2008

Jesus really meant 'Do not worry about your life...'

Is it really Sunday evening already? Time certainly does fly!!!!!

Well, I did some work on the toy situation. However it's not done yet and I'm not totally satisfied. What I did was go to walmart and buy two large plastic containers and two small ones. I put all the tea party sets and dishes in one, I put all block related thingies in another one, I rounded up two other containers and rearranged what was in them. I put all the dress up items in another one. I still have bits of things to go through and two more sacks of toys I had put away for 'rotation' to go through. Then I got the Little People parts and pieces and bagged them in a ziploc, did the same with wooded beads and laces, etc. Anything that had lots of little parts I put in easy to open (the ones with the tab) plastic baggies. I put all puzzles in a smaller plastic container. I put a basket of small toys (the baby ones for now) and a basket of books in the living room inside the play yard.

Oh, husband went to the store in a moment of desperation and bought one of those play yard things that look like an octagon, but you can change the size and shape of it. Sarah has outgrown the playpen. It's big, but necessary right now :)

The next step is to decided what is trash, what is to be given away and what we'll keep. Now that I'm purging toys I want to hit the whole house! Like I said, this house has lots of storage space that isn't being utilized to its full potential- it's just overwhelming.

Speaking of the house. We aren't moving now. I regret to say this, but, we just plain have a lot of debt. We can't afford to buy or rent another place and as it turns out, my inlaws have to postpone their plans of retiring and selling this house anyways. So, we have another year. This means that I will be working really hard to cut corners. We don't spend a lot on unnecessary things really, but we just need to be more particular about our spending choices. It's been a stressful, worrisome two weeks trying to figure out how in the world we were going to move. But, now we get to stay for awhile. So I can work on decluttering and painting the DASH MARKS IN MY BEDROOM!!!! I'll refresh your memory on those in a sec...well, go to the left hand sidebar and click on 'My Home'. Down towards the bottom of the post is our bedroom, click the image and look at the top. I hate those things...they remind me of the credits to Saved by the Bell. And, we were planning to do a vegetable/herb garden this year.

Anyways, I'll have more later this week on frugality and such. I have to return some movies right now :)


Mrs.KAOS said...

Hi I'm Kate. I have been enjoying your journal for a few months now, and just stared my own. I hope things go well for you and your family in this extra year of preparing.

MAMA said...

Hi there....the toys...I don't know if you got my computer is dying. But I posted pics of my newly organized toys on my blog. Just in case you missed it. It was inspired by your toy posts:)
In a way it's nice you don't need to move isn't it? who needs all the extra stress!!