March 11, 2008

Gardenin' and stuff

Wow I'm so mixed up on my days. My husband was blessedly given two extra days off work- Friday and Monday, so I kept thinking it was Saturday. For those of you whose husbands work at home-lucky you! I loved having him home. And, even though we worked on separate projects, just knowing he was there was great. Plus, the girls got to spend more time with him.

Anyways, Sunday afternoon we used the extra daylight hours to till up a garden patch. Last year we just grew tomatoes, since we had just moved, and they did pretty well, although we didn't get a large crop of tomatoes. This year we have big plans. Dh built a nice trellis to grow our cucumbers on and he plans to make another one for green beans. I've got different varieties of heirloom tomatoes (the BEST tasting ones) planted in an egg carton to get sprouting. We've also got seeds for spinach, lettuces, leeks (new one to us), green beans, cucumbers, bought some sweet onion plants, some bell pepper plants and some herbs. I plan to do more herbs, more tomatoes (in case my seeds don't work), jalepeno peppers and probably some corn. Little Sarah is great at pulling weeds! Maybe we can utilize her skills this growing season :) We also plan to do a fall garden so we can grow cooler weather veggies like cabbage, carrots and pumpkins.

That little Texas post down there is true- summer is just too hot for those vegetables. And yes, I've had the heat on, then the A/C, then turned the heat back on all in a 24 hr period- I did that a month ago.

Now that the birthday party is over (yes I have pictures, but haven't gotten them up) I must focus totally on the Good Friday passover meal thingie. I'm doing different food this time, and since I already have all the decor from before, the work load is much less. Plus I have childcare arranged for the day of and my mom to help me cook. Double yea! To do before the day- make 8 loaves of challah bread. I'll be 'toasted' if I don't- they want the bread back! I haven't made any since then either...

This is kind of sad but I had something else sort of important to say and I already forgot. Oh well, maybe I'll remember later :)

Oh- for those of you go to the library with all the children in tow, how do you do it? I went last week with intentions to get some things for me, but between keeping Sarah off the book return cart and the other two from fighting over the stools and taking entire shelves of books down, it isn't something I want to repeat soon. If you think I have terrible children let me explain- they were just very excited and hadn't been to a library in a loooooonnnggg time- little balls of energy don't belong in a library. Overall it went ok, and everyone was nice about it. Still, it's hard to think about why I came there when I'm worried about making lots of noise.


Thirdtimemomma said...

Wow! Is it time for your passover feast again?? Time flies.

To go to the library with kids in tow.. First get your book titles and sku numbers. Our library has a deal online that you can print the call numbers from. Then all your doing is looking for the books, not looking for what you want. If your library doesnt have that then I suggest what one of my friends did for awhile. I library date, with herself! What an awesome way to rejuvenate! Then you can go with the kids for thier own book choices. :)

Anneatheart said...

Well, I did the first one in the fall because everyone was disappointed that we didn't have it last Good Friday, so I'm doing it this time when it's actually on Good Friday.

Thirdtimemomma said...

I mean that my friends husband watched the kids one night while she went out.... dun dun dun... alone!!! :) And she went to the library and out for coffee.

Anonymous said...

When my girlies were little balls of energy we started out at the library s l o w. We would go weekly. The first time we read a book there and then left taking note of how quiet we had to be at all times while there. The next time we read 2 books there again discussing on the way home the importance of being quiet. Slowly build up to reading a book or 2 there and then choosing the kids books and get out of dodge. Finally let them get what they want and let them read one while you are looking. The better they behave the longer they can stay next time. You might want to give the fidgity ones a watch and chose a stop time. We also liked to stop by the library spur of the moment as a reward for great behavior durring an errand run.