March 13, 2008

Daily life changes

Last week I was in a dilemma again about how to get everything accomplished. Like usual. I have lots of goals and plans that are good, but they just all can't be done. One thing I struggle with is getting Leiah's Brain Gym exercises done, my exercise done, and doing 'school' time with the girls. For awhile I was doing 'school' first thing in the morning and it really did work well. However, we went to Michigan and things got out of whack.

So I was thinking and praying about it and I got an idea. Or rather, the Holy Spirit dropped in my mind. Get the most important things done first so that even if I fall behind on other stuff, it will be ok because I got my priorities right. What is most important?

* Brain Gym
* my exercise
*personal Bible study
*Bible study and school time with girls
*food preps
*getting everyone bathed and groomed

Next important
cleaning chores and laundry

This is what our day has been going like:

6am-I get up and read my Bible till about 6:45
6:45- make breakfast and unload dishwasher
start laundry
7ish- older two girls are up and eat breakfast
I eat and clean up kitchen
Feed Sarah
8:30 everyone gets dressed, hair brushed, tidy bedrooms etc.
Brain Gym
Get girls set up with activity while do my workout tape (25 minutes so far)
**I want to work in more 'school' activities and Bible reading here
*check on laundry throughout this time

I work on cooking- making dinner early, getting grains/flour/legumes soaking, making kefir/yogurt- whatever needs to be done

11:30 or so, lunch then outside play time
2pm-girls are napping, I compute for awhile, cleaning chores, take shower etc.
4pm- small snack, more outside play or video
work on supper, unload dishwasher or wash some dishes, put laundry away etc.
6ish-eat, clean up
Lately we've been going outside working on the garden or just playing
Then if it's a bath day we do baths, pjs/teeth, vitamins and bedtime by 8pm for girls
I make sure the kitchen is cleaned up, any meat is defrosting, anything that needs soaking is going and run that dishwasher.
I go to bed by 10pm

Monday-laundry day; I start on Sunday night and generally do 4-5 loads. I may not get it all folded and put away either.
Wednesday- 'wet' cleaning- mop and bathrooms, wipe down appliances and mirrors/screens; meal plan
Thursday- 'dry' cleaning-dust and vacuum, run any errands; soak flour for next day
Friday-Baking day and project
Saturday-family fun day or project;clean car

I think that this will work. I might move some cleaning duties to Monday, so I can use Wednesday for organizing/decluttering, but no hurry. Cleaning in the afternoon takes me 15-30 minutes depending on what it is and how dirty it is. This exercise business sure helps with energy levels :)

***By the way, we went to the library again today and it went much better. I was able to quickly glance at a few books for me, and I happened to be in the right section and picked out three books. So excited- new reading material!!!!!! Oh, and our little library does have a website, cool. That will help a lot in the future.


MAMA said...

Sounds good. I'm having a week where i have to be out a lot so not everything is going as planned but you know what? Thant's ok.WE will all still be here:) No biggie. doing the most important first sounds like a smart plan.

Thirdtimemomma said...

Hmm that's a good idea. Wet Day and Dry day..

Sarah said...

Great job, Jessica! I am working on making my quiet time a #1 priority! When things get hectic, that is the first thing to be forgotten, and that is not the way it should be. You are a busy mom. You should be very proud of yourself!