November 17, 2008

Cranky Day

Thanks for all the helpful hints on potty training and Christmas. Sarah just flips out when we have her sit on the potty, yet she continually takes off the diapers/pullups. She's too big for her cloth diapers or I would use those.

We decided to do our garage sale this weekend, so I might not be around much this week. I so dread it- so much work!! I mostly just want to get rid of the stuff, but we do hope to make enough money to help with Christmas. I just need to readjust my attitude about it and then it won't seem so overwhelming.

I need a major attitude adjustment today anyways. I just woke up tired and groggy, and today is my fasting day, which I just broke. I've been so irritable and foggy brained I just caved and ate some pasta for lunch...oh well...all is not lost I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your off day. We all have them, and they always hit at the wrong time! Tomorrow is a new start!

Next time you feel groggy and tired, eat some protein! YOu need protein! It won't send your blood sugar hopping up then down, you'll feel better, more stable. Take care!

I just noticed all of my exclamation points!!! LOL I'm not shouting, really!

Mary in TN

legendfarms said...

I have had a cranky day, too. I feel your pain!:) Good luck on the garage sale! I know garage sales are a hassle, but just keep reminding yourself of the Christmas money!

Saved Sinner said...

Will she stand over the potty? I know obviously you'd need eventually to transition her to sitting but it could be useful in the short term to get her actually using it. I would not have thought of it myself but just this morning my daughter took me by suprise by doing a standing up wee in the potty. Also if it's the potty she has something against, if she can manage standing up then you can use any old pot rather than having to use the "official" potty.