November 3, 2008

Weekly Plans

I am not leaving 'blog land'. Blogging is the one safe outlet I have, as there are MANY people we haven't told about the move yet. And they don't read my blog :)

Has anyone ever heard of Canton, TX First Monday? Well, it's like a GIANT craft fair that happens the first of every month in a town nearby. I rarely ever go because it is so crowded and so big. I went with my mom, sister, cousin and friend Saturday morning. We walked for 5 hours and only made it through two of the buildings, which is about a quarter of the whole thing. They had the neatest stuff- some of it junk that they made into something really cool. I was lingering over the stand with all Texas themed Christmas ornaments...will be making a Texas tree in Michigan soon...

Anyways, my dogs (my feet) were crying by that afternoon, LOL. Yes, that is a Texas-ism- people are gonna think I'm nuts in Michigan.

My husband and I are in such a weird state right now. We're not sure how to go about our normal routines, not really being able to plan for the things to happen here or up there. You know people are trying to plan Thanksgiving and Christmas with us, and it's so hard for me to tell them anything because I don't know if we'll be here. Yet, I can't really plan for anything up there, because we don't know when that is going to happen. We are feeling restless and kind of stuck.

So, we decided to do what has to be done regardless of if we move now or not. Which is, DECLUTTER! So, that will be my focus. I will do quick cleans, laundry and cooking and a little sewing (gotta finish that quilt and some dresses I started) but the rest of the time will be devoted to downsizing stuff. This way we have focus and motivation to complete it.

So, on the agenda this week:

Sort through all toys ruthlessly
clean out all closets
clean out all cupboards
finish some sewing projects
clean the van-scary!

Also I have a few recipes to try-today will be English muffins, tomorrow a new bread recipe and Friday a healthy ice cream recipe. Not to mention the daily cleaning, laundry, cooking etc.

I tried my hand at grinding my own oats for oatmeal last night. I just ground it till it looked like what I buy at the health food store (Bob's Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal) and then did my usual overnight soaking with kefir. It turned out good- a little coarser than the other, but otherwise it was the same. I really want the grain mill attachment for my kitchen aid mixer, but I'll have to save for it.

I am going to do this thing:


B-fresh ground soaked oatmeal with natural sugar and cinnamon
L-leftover mashed taters and lentil stew
D-chili beans, rice, salad


B-cream of wheat (homemade, fresh ground) and English muffins with butter and organic jam
L-pb&j sandwiches, baby carrots
D-tuna casserole, corn (from frozen) and salad


B-breakfast burritos and fried potatoes
L- out (shopping day)
D- chicken parmesan, spaghetti, salad, apple crisp


B-baked oatmeal and yogurt
L-egg salad sandwiches, apples
D-ham and cheese hot pockets (homemade), tomato basil soup


B-eggs and toast
L-English muffin pizzas
D-steak fajitas (found on sale!) with chips and salsa; pumpkin pie ice cream


B-waffles and ham
L- leftovers or sandwiches
D- scalloped potatoes and ham, fried apples, fried cabbage

B-oatmeal and toast
L- at mom's
D- leftovers

Just baked the English muffins- one fell on the floor, so I uh, just went ahead and ate that one :) They're good, could use a little more salt, but it made a bunch and I had enough dough leftover for a lunch pizza one day. They look more like biscuits than the english muffins in the store...

I will shop for the groceries for the rest of these meals on Wednesday- I have enough food till then. Lately I've been buying pepper jack cheese because we really like it now- well, I mistakenly bought some called habanero cheese. Let me tell ya, habanero is the truth! I tried eating some melted on a garden tomato this morning- YOUCH!!! HOT!!!!

From now on I will check ingredients before buying :) I like hot things, but not that hot.


Shannon L. Fowler said...

Yay!! Glad you are going to keep on blogging!! :)
::Happy dance::

Oh, I say dogs & I'm originally from Michigan. so at least one person won't think you're nuts! he he he

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Anonymous said...

my brother used to build furniture with a company and take it down to canton...i wish i could go there more often, but since we have moved its too far away...i love it can find some amazing deals...btw i'm glad you are still blogging...

Mrs. Darling said...

Ugh, I hate it when life is uncertain. It just stresses me out.

Hoping you can stay calm and focused in this time.

Mrs.KAOS said...

Oh I'm so happy you are staying. And can I come eat at y our house this week.