November 18, 2008

The Red Dresss

This is the dress I made for my middle child, Alexa. She wanted the exact red dress on the pattern cover. I tried my best and she liked it. I had cut it out like two months ago, so when I finally sewed it together, it just fit! Hopefully she won't grow out of it too quick.

It's so wrinkled because I just washed it from Sunday's wearing and let it air dry. Next on the list is two dress for Sarah for church. I'm not sure which pattern I will use yet, maybe this one with long puffed sleeves. It is so much fun to sew for the girls- they look adorable in the dresses and it's so easy to fit them. Wish I could say the same for myself :(


Anonymous said...

That looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to making dresses for my little girl but so far we've been given so many clothes I haven't needed to make any. I figure as she gets older, I'll probably need to make them though based on what I see in the shops for older girls. For yourself, if you buy a multisize pattern then you can fairly easily adjust it to fit you by taking all your measurements and then using the different sizes for the different parts (so for example I usually use a couple of sizes larger for the hips than the waist so I just draw a line expanding from the smaller size at the waist to the larger size at the hips).

Sarah said...

Adorable! Miss Sarah will look beautiful on Sunday! Great job, Jessica.

Shannon L. Fowler said...

You did a GREAT job!!

jesnicole said...