November 22, 2008

What's up

I'm so sorry little blog, it's so neglected! Honestly, I've just been interested in other things the last few days. For instance, today I made a mini Thanksgiving Feast. I bought a 16lb turkey on sale the other day and went ahead and defrosted it. Since I'm really into stretching food lately I figured I would spend a little extra and eat off that turkey for a good while.

So, I baked the turkey, made a little pan of cornbread dressing (with sausage, apple, onion and celery) and made a sweet potato thing that I just made up. It turned out good- diced three large sweet taters, mixed with a can of pineapple chunks and some ginger and cinnamon, then cover and bake until potatoes are tender, then mixed crushed up pecans, shredded coconut and some brown sugar, sprinkled on top and cooked it on a higher heat to caramelize the topping. Oh, and I made a cranberry apple pie. It was fun and now we have lots of leftovers to eat!

My oldest daughter will be out the whole week for Thanksgiving break, so I get a little break from having get up so early practically running, but then I'll have all three all the time :) Gotta make a plan for the days.

In other news, my husband got a call Friday from one of the places he applied for in Michigan. The guy explained they weren't really looking for someone, but were interested in dh because of all his experience. So, we'll see...waiting to hear back.

Today I went to walmart (alone!) and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the Christmas section. It's coming! And while yes, it is rather commercial, I still love it. And I am very partial to Santa Clause. Lots of people try to make him evil, but I love the Coca Cola Santa and several other pictures I see. Santa is a good guy...not the reason for the season, but it's fun for the children. They grow up and learn reality soon enough, why not let them have some pretend?? I totally believed in him but I also knew that most important was Jesus. I understood...

I need to go- gotta get ready for church tomorrow.


ElleBee said...

Totally with you on the Santa Claus thing. I love the "magic" in the kids' faces. My boys both completely understand that JESUS is the true reason we have Christmas, but we talk about the Christian roots of St. Nicholas. Praying that your DH is able to find something "up north"!

Anonymous said...

I looooove going to Walmart, or anywhere for that matter, alone!!! Every once in a while.

My daughter was 12 before she stopped believing in Santa. It's just not the same without Santa helping us to hide gifts.

Enjoy the Santa phase as long as you can. Savor it, and take lots of pictures!

Mary in TN

Ohiomom9977 said...

It was refreshing to hear of a Christian who thinks the Santa thing is fun. We always emphasize the true meaning of Christmas which is the celebration of the birth of our savior, but Santa is such a fun thing for little kids. We also set out reindeer food (oatmeal, with glitter) for the reindeer to eat when santa stops by :)