January 21, 2009

The Real Me

Oh wow, in my world of heightened nose sensitivity, I just had a wonderful experience. I have been feeling good today and I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies...er, bars. I just took them out of the oven and hovered over the pan to smell for awhile :) I also have some bread dough in the machine going. I was going to make either muffins or granola too, but I had some unexpected visitors.

Since yesterday I was a bit serious I thought I would do a funny today. A belly pic! The reason it's so funny is because- I don't have one. I look like this all the time, and will continue to until around 5-6 months into the pregnancy. You shall also get a glimpse into what I really wear lately. COMFORT is key!

(if you can't see well, you an click the pic to enlarge. I am AWFUL at taking pictures) I have a hump of leftover pregnant belly there. I can suck it in if I wish, which lately, I've just been letting it hang out. Let people think I'm 6 months along, oh well.

I have my 4th of July t-shirt on and some weird red stretchy maternity pants I got from my sister. I have some furry gray slippers on too. It is cold today, but I didn't feel up to long sleeves. No makeup, but freshly washed hair.


Anonymous said...

hamWell I must say that at least you have an EXCUSE! I look this way much of the time--like now.lol
You actually look not bad at all, your naturally pretty--simple pretty I like to call it.

Have a nice day,

My Life With Boys said...

Uhm...yeah, I pretty much dress like that all the time. Comfort is key when your pregnant...or even when your not... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I actually have on that exact shirt right now! :) No cool red pants, but a black skirt & fuzzy black slippers. It's my comfy clothes! :D

Sarah said...

Aw! Your belly picture is cute! I think you look very pretty, you have beautiful skin.