January 19, 2009

Still around

Sorry my posts take a long break over the weekend. We are still moving...very slowly too. It's so frustrating because my lack of energy has just ruined how I wanted this move to go. I have some good days here and there and some bad days.

My husband is the best. He has taken up the slack and helped me so much. And with a good attitude, with love. When I think he will begrudge the fact that I am sleeping later and not making his breakfast, he wakes me up with kisses. When I've been laying on the couch for an hour while he is working on something, he comes and asks me what I want for dinner.

I need some ideas on how to surprise bless him. I want to send him something to work, but flowers aren't very masculine. I would bring him lunch one day, but he doesn't have the best place to eat unless it's a nice day outside. A card doesn't seem like enough either. I would love to gift him with a trip somewhere- a man trip, LOL. Hunting or fishing or something, but I know nothing about that, and he would want me to go, so I guess I could do a romance trip. I could blow him away with a cruise, but even if I could afford it, where would the kids go for a week??

Maybe something will come to me...

Anyways, I'm not going to pretend, but this early pregnancy stuff is HARD. Thankfully I am not having morning sickness, but so much fatigue and weakness! It blows me away. And on the days I feel good, I really do a lot, but still, it's not the same as being able to go everyday. I feel like I'm doing an awful job as a wife, mom and homemaker.

I need a routine. It's hard enough without dealing with boxes all over, with more on the way. Mornings are hardest for me right now. I guess I may have to force myself up earlier so I can have more time to get it together before everyone needs me.

Anyways, I've gotten a lot done so far. I still have a sink full of dishes to wash, two boxes in the kitchen to deal with and still mountains of laundry. The bathrooms could use a cleaning too, but I majorly lack the motivation for that!

Have a nice day!


*Michigan Momma* said...

Well, try not to be TOO hard on yourself. Obviously, your dh does not feel too neglected at this point - he probably realizes how weak & tired you are and that it just kinda comes with the territory (many pregnancies). They sort of force us to "slow down", to rely on others, to even lower our (self-imposed) standards.

Yes, God wants us to be helpmeets to our husbands, to mother our children, but many of the things we EXPECT from ourselves are simply that: OUR expectations - not His!

I am really typing this to myself as well. This being my 5th pregnancy since 2001 - well, I'm tired. But it won't always be this way. Eventually, our children really will 'rise up and call us blessed' - and it won't all be on our shoulders.

So rest, momma. It's okay. Do what you can, don't give in to despair and laziness - but rest. You need it, the baby needs it, your daughters need to see that a time of rest is okay and needed too! That way, maybe they won't deal with as much "guilt" as we do!

All my prayers~

true blessings said...

umm I 've got 2 sinks full of dirty dishes and I'm not pregnant! sending you a burst of energy !

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will get better SOON for you! Maybe your iron levels are low and causing your energy to be low? Spinach has a lot of iron in it, you can add some to a salad. Green Smoothies are GREAT for too! I have a recipe on my blog for a GREAT tasting Green Smoothie! They allow you to get a lot of leafy greens without having to chew it, the blender does the chewing! LOL Link: http://shannon4j.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/green-smoothies/ (not trying to plug myself here, just trying to help!!)

As for surprising your hubby. I like to surprise mine with a nice hand written note telling him how much I appreciate him and what he does for our family, etc. Does he like back or foot rubs? You can offer to do that when you have an energy burst! Investing in him last longer than the housework anyway! hee hee

Routines work GREAT when you work them! Hopefully you can find one that works for your family.

Take care, & remember, you won't feel like this forever! :) (((((HUGS))))) Wish I were closer, I would come over & help you out!

Joy Comes in the Morning said...

During this last month of pregnancy, I feel bad too. Very tired, not sleeping, backaches, and the heart burn, oh my. I guess I am ready to move on to the next part. Sure I will be tired and not sleeping but at least I will have a little baby to look at:) Prayers and blessings.

Dora said...

Take heart, it will pass and you are a great mother and wife so don't worry about it. It's nice to see someone who's real in the blog world.

I'm nearly 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th and I always feel exactly as you do in the first 12 weeks. I don't really get sick except for a little nausea. I end up with major fatigue and lack of motivation because of it.

It's amazing how great you feel when it suddenly lifts and you can get on with things.

Your husband sounds amazing!

Kim said...

I remember the way early preg. feels...and I know you will feel beer soon! The 2nd trimester is usually a good one for most! Don't be too hard on yourself...you are growing a person! That's hard work!! Take care!

Anonymous said...

How about getting a little man-box tin, something with a deer or cabin scene or something, make him some homemade cookies or brownies and put them in the box and stick a romantic card telling him how much ya love him with a gift card for his favorite sporting goods store and have it delivered to his work.

jen said...

I read that being pregnant is like climbing a mountain. just remeber you are only human and your doing your best every day. your family loves you and appreciates you and your husband obviously supports and loves you so relax and enjoy your little blessing!! your doing a wonderful job. have a happy and blessed day:)

Michelle said...

What does he like? Interests? Subscription to a magazine? Subscription to a conservative blog? Watching movies at home- Netflix? Does he fish? Maybe some new lures for a mini-getaway to a favorite *local* fishing hole? Basket replete with his favorite comfort foods?

Anyway, don't be hard on yourself. It's hard work baking up a new baby. Everyone goes through these phases off and on during pregnancy. I've found out my physical and energy limitations even when I'm not pregnant, and that is why my home is only 1350 sq.ft.! lol.

Be good to you and yours.

Brightest Blessings,