January 13, 2009


I am back! I've been without internet since we moved and too busy before to get online.

Thanks so much for all the helpful tips with smells. Sometimes it's not so bad, but today the smell of cooking beans wasn't too nice. However the smell of fresh made guacamole was real nice!

Just to update, I am actually not feeling sick or nauseous, just certain smells can make me feel that way. (Umm, diesel exhaust is bad too) I have actually now turned into a human trash compactor- I must eat on the hour every hour. If not my stomach start rumbling and growling and it's painful and then I get weak...what's up with this?? I am really wondering if there is more than one baby...yikes!

Today I had to go buy groceries with my youngest two, and half way through the trip my blood sugar dropped out and I was feeling pretty bad. I made it through till just before checkout and I sat down for awhile, which of course brought attention to myself. Finally I made myself grab a coke and get on with it. I was better after that.

Alrighty, so we have moved back to the house in town that we lived in before. Go here for pictures, but keep in mind it doesn't look exactly the same now. I will update with pics soon. Moving is, in my opinion, the worst. LOL. Maybe because I've done it haphazardly so many times. Maybe one day I will learn how to properly move.

Quick story then I have to go. Friday morning my husband woke me up at 6am telling me the kitchen was flooding and there was a busted pipe behind the washing machine. I go outside with him to hold the flashlight while he tries to find the water cutoff. He searches and digs and calls the landlady, then her son...it literally sounded like a waterfall was in the house, but it wasn't flooding that fast. Anyways he finally found it and cut it off, while we used every towel in the house to clean it up a bit. Then we have to wait for the plumbers to come check it out- just a 'pinhole' in the pipe? Next we wait on the insurance people to send a guy out to check on the damage. Turns out it was pretty bad so he set up three big fans to blow on the drywall, a giant dehumidifier going, ripped up the linoleum and it had to stay that way till Monday. It sounded like a giant beehive was in the kitchen. So, I haven't had a washing machine until tonight. And we are way backed up! I will be busy for at least a whole day on that.

At least it happened while we were still there. If not, that whole house could have been flooded before anyone knew about it. What a horrible thought!


Kim said...

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I think you do a great job as a mom and wife. I am glad that the smell thing is getting a bit beter. can't wait to see pics of the "new" house.... :)

~ Kim

Anonymous said...

It looks a LOT bigger than your previous place!! It looks nice! I'm looking forward to your update pictures. :)

I just posted a tour of my home & linked your latest tour, I'll add this one too!! :)

My tour:

Hope you are getting settled in & feeling GREAT!! :D