January 16, 2009


I spent my online time yesterday doing some 'window shopping'. My husband was blessed with a significant raise and we are also now in a rent free home, so soon, we will be catching up a lot of bills with some leftover. Yay!

We got an awesome king sized bed as a gift back in the early summer. However, I don't have bedding that fits besides sheets. So, I really want to get some bedding and fix my room up a little. I really want this one, but I can't find it in king size :(

Those are the exact colors I was wanting, plus it's feminine without being terribly frilly.

Speaking of frilly, I have also picked out bedding for my oldest daughter. If you remember I made a quilt for her in the late summer. However, they are just too rough for it yet, so I'm just gonna buy her some. I think I've decided on this set, even though she doesn't have daybed, it would still work.

Except, we will be doing the pink set, NO WHITE!!!

And, I am also planning to have a spa day at some point- could sure use some work on the feet! Then, if we are having twins, we'll be needing some extra supplies. I don't know why I feel so strongly that we are; I might actually be disappointed if not. I am having an ultrasound next Friday, so we'll know by then. I would need another bassinet/cradle, two carseats, another bouncy seat, a new double stroller, um a breast pump lol, and a lot of diapers. I'm planning to cloth diaper, but if there are two plus the three I already have, I'm not sure if that would be practical, at least in the beginning. I think regardless of the sex of the baby I'm going neutral. I get tired of girly pink stuff you know.

This one is cute:

I have an oak colored sleigh crib though.

Anyways, today I must do some cleaning. Mainly vacuum and the toilets could use a detailed cleaning. Plus the laundry mountain still needs work and some boxes need unpacked. Time to go.


true blessings said...

YOu should shop online at Target, they have the cutest shabby chic style quilt and sheets , it's like the pic you put up!

true blessings said...

Hi again, here's a link

Kim said...

WOW! Your new bedrooms will be beautiful! There is nothing like new bedding! Hope you can get the things that you want :) Can't wait to hear about your unltrasound!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. Why do you think it may be twins? Do they run in your family?

Anonymous said...

You picked out BEAUTIFUL sets for your room and your daughters! & the baby set is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious.... I noticed the picture of the cot has bumpers in it. Do they not reccomend you avoid them in America? Over here (Australia) the general consensus is not to use them as they increase the risk of sids as baby can become trapped between them and the mattress.

Anneatheart said...

You know it's interesting that I just read an article about SIDS.


The article explains that it's the mattress of the crib itself that is causing death. A special blend of chemicals is sprayed on it to make it flame retardant, and somehow with combo of mold that can grow in the mattress and the warmth of the baby, it creates toxic gases that baby breathes in and it's heart stops. Very interesting.