January 3, 2009

A Special Day

Happy Birthday to Leiah! Six years ago today began my career as a mother. We just had no idea what was coming, LOL!

Miss Leiah has her two front teeth out for her sixth birthday. We will be having a family party tomorrow after church. She is such a sweetie.

I am so pleasantly surprised at all the good comments I've gotten about speaking in tongues. Thanks! I can't remember who the commenter was, but they were talking about being in a chaotic service and that it wasn't of God--I know exactly what you're talking about. I've visited other churches and other people's homes before when something just weren't right, you know? I knew what the Spirit felt like at church- there was sweetness and liberty there- and that wasn't what I was feeling in the other places. Some people just get confused about what it's all about- not wild experiences, but simple child-like faith in Jesus and His Word.

I have been so attacked, and I mean really attacked, by the weirdest cough ever! Weird as in I have no other symptoms at all- not even coughing up phlegm- just a tickly dry cough. And it keeps going and going. Last night I barely got any sleep! So my dear husband concocted me some homemade medicine and it's been helping. Speaking of the husband, God has been doing some major work in him. Before if I was ill, he would help me, but sort of in a 'barely get by' attitude. You know, watch the kids but forget the house and meals etc. Well, this morning after he made me the medicine, I stayed in bed for awhile and he cooked an awesome breakfast. I came in and helped a little and he had such a cheerful attitude. I cleaned it up, but the rest of the morning I laid on the couch and watched old cartoons with the kids.

Then, he packed up a picnic lunch and loaded the van with some stuff to move to the other house, went over and ate in the backyard. Then just he and I laid on our backs looking at the clouds and talking and resting while the girls picked us flowers (er, weeds). It was so warm and breezy today and so nice. It was like being newlyweds again :)

We went back home late in the afternoon, and he helped me get the girls down for naps and then I laid down a bit. I got a massive coughing fit and he ran and heated some more of the 'concoction' up and had me drink it and laid next to me for awhile. I must omit some details here ;)

Then he and I got dinner going- he did most of it. ( I just put french fries and buffalo wings on baking sheets and put them in the oven. Oh I did pour bbq sauce on top of miniature sausages and heat them too...LOL) After we stuffed ourselves and rested a bit, he brushed all the girls teeth and helped with bedtimes. Mr. Incredible!!! Since he has had some major battles with his body the last few years, he understands so much more what I'm going through. While I'm not at all glad that he suffered for awhile, it's nice that he understands on a better level now :)

I am so proud of him and love him so very much!

One other thing. I am doing well with this pregnancy except- I get to feeling very weak and drained if I don't eat very often. Now supposedly your digestion slows down while pregnant. If that's so, why do I get so weak from not eating? Blood sugar? Before I got sick with a virus, I was eating every two hours and combining proteins and carbs together. Did great. But, my brain is coated in fuzz right now and we are short on cash this week, so I don't have the presence of mind to prepare future mini meals like I should and don't have any convenience foods ready. (well I do have peanut butter and bread and high fiber cereal) I'm just curious if anyone knows why my body is doing this. It did it with the last two pregnancies too. I am taking vitamins and trying to get enough sleep; going outside helps energize me too.

Alright I gotta go. Have a good rest of the weekend!


liz from new york said...

well you sound like you had some great times, aside from the cough, which by the way i just got over the same thing for three weeks, dry, tickle cough, lost plenty of sleep,you know you can take plain robitussin cough syrup, wont hurt the baby at all, my ob recommended it, yes, you still must eat every couple of hours, food laying in your stomach is not going to raise yor blood sugar, your body already extracted what it needed, so try hard to eat some protien, like hard boiled eggs, cheese, and fruit, try to stay away from the breads and crackers(my downfall, lol!), and try to eat as much fiber, and plenty of water to move the digestion along!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Leiah! I didn't comment on the last post, but it was interesting. I do not have the gift of tongues, and since I was raised in and still attend a Baptist church, I don't really know that much about it. I have seen people speak in tongues before (on a documentary on television) and I thought that it was neat. I understand that it is a love language with God, but I am interested in learning more if you are interested in doing another post. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Mrs. V. said...


I saw your comment on Lady Lydia's site and I just thought that I would come over and put my two cents in. :-)

It really does seem like pregnancy sickness can feel so much more intense than any other sickness. And then once you have children to take care of and all the other chores piled on, I know it can feel overwhelming. When I was going through that I basically had a food and clothing rule. That meant that I concentrated on those two things - and on some days, that was it! Everyone got fed. Not four course meals, but food in their bellies. Even if that meant pizzas from the freezer or plain old sandwiches. And the clothing part was clean clothes for all of us and dh's work clothes fixed and ready to go.

I came to the conclusion to concentrate on just those two things by asking my dh what were the things that were most important to him that I get done on any given day. His answer was having food ready - even if very, very simple - and having his work clothes ready.

So even on days when the house didn't get picked up, nothing was dusted or scrubbed, I knew that my husband would still be happy when he got home from work because the things that were most important to him were done.

Doing it that way took alot of pressure off of me at a time when I didn't feel well and had very low energy. So I would start with finding out what your husbands "top two" things are that are important to him and go from there.

Blessings to you and your growing family!!

true blessings said...

sounds like your prince charming & you're Cinderella !lol! about your pregnancy, you know my 4th pregnancy ,I ate like a hogg, not kidding you , I was eating all the time, like every 2 hours, and I would sleep sleep sleep. and I felt like I had to eat, it was weird cause I wasn't really hungry, well as you can imagine I got huge as a house, but in the end, I had only gained like 11 lbs!!, and the monster baby weighed almost 10 lbs.!!!ouch! so maybe you're having a bib baby boy momma!!!!