September 1, 2009

A Day in my life Part 3

I've had to do this in parts because of the computer :) Very slow...also I was never able to get a pic of me feeding the baby- at about 8:30 the baby changed her schedule on me and then I just got really tired and didn't do anything else worth taking pictures of.

Ok so while I was working on the cooking the girls headed outside to play with Daddy for awhile. He just put their swing set back together Saturday.

Then I toasted some oats, coconut and almonds for the granola bars I plan to make. Next, time to make up some bottles for later.

Alexa burned her chin on the pan because she was snooping around in the kitchen, so we had to tend to that first before we could eat.

We ate dinner, here is a picture of dessert. Matt and I skipped it for now.

Next I had the girls clean up the house while I got Samantha's bath ready and got her cleaned up.

I guess this disturbed her pattern because she stayed awake till her next feeding, which ended up being early. Oh well, no big deal, just rearrange things a bit.

Then it was PJ's, brush teeth, get stuff ready for the next day, prayers and hit the sack. No pics sorry. I spent the next hour holding the baby trying to get her to sleep, then fed her and she was fast asleep after that of course. Then I just went ahead and put my gown on and sat on the couch with my husband and we just talked and watched Andy Griffith till time for the 11pm feeding and bed.

No pictures of this of course :) Certainly none of the 2:30 feeding or the 5 am feeding :)

That's it. Pretty good for 3 weeks post partum huh? Today I gotta go buy groceries and stuff. Later!


momto9 said...

It's only been 3 weeks? wow you are doing awesome girl!!!!

Kat said...

I don't know if my other comment will come through? I can't remember if I hit publish? Anyway, you've inspired me to do my own Day in my Life post. Girl, it takes A LOT OF TIME! I love the pictures of your husband with the barbies. Your family is really sweet. You are blessed :)

Anonymous said...

That brings back memories of having a baby in the house. All the feedings, burpings, changings, and cuddles. Lord (and husband)willing, I'll have more. :-P

When you baby gets older, maybe we can take a trip out to your place for a visit. We miss you guys! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Okay, you've totally run circles around me. I'd say "Supermom" is back. I am just delighted to hear that you're doing so well. Your family is precious. Aren't we blessed to be moms? Can you think of a more rewarding job? Thank you for letting us "peek" into your life. It's always nice to see how other ladies manage their homes and responsibilities. I come away with so many good ideas. Also, I wanted to ask where you got your kefir grains. I would like to try making some myself. Hugs, Brandi

Anneatheart said...

Yes, I am loving having a baby again. I have learned how fast this time passes! Last night she wasn't settling down to sleep, and even though it was 4am-ish, I just held her and cuddled her, remembering how I longed to do that while pregnant with her. Yes I'm tired, but it's worth it.

Yesterday wasn't the best day to do it, but I had already made up my mind to do the post so I did it! Time consuming, sort of, just remembering to take the pictures was hard for me.

Kefir grains- I got mine from They are going strong after 1.5 years! I've given out grains to at least 5 people during that time as well, if not more.

Anneatheart said...

Also, yes I'm sounding like 'supermom', but I've obviously been doing too much, because i've been in some pain and needing to take the heavy duty drugs again. Dog-gone-it! I am so ready to be normal! I cannot imagine someone choosing a c-section over natural birth! Those celebrities that do it are nuts!

Anonymous said...

I hear you, Sister! I had c-sections with both of mine and it was no walk in the park I tell you. I think it was especially hard the second time around. My daughter was 22 months old when my son was born. It's hard to rest and recover when you're running after a toddler. Take it easy. You'll have plenty of time to be "Supermom" in the days to come. Right now just rest up and enjoy that beautiful baby...and blog of course :).Brandi
P.S. Thanks for the kefir grain info.

Just Me said...

Enjoyed the picture posts. You really seem to be getting alot done. With my last child I remember going to the grocery store for the first time 2 weeks postpartum and it exhausted me. My legs were like jello as soon as I walked into the store LOL! You sound like you are doing great & you look great as well.