September 24, 2009

Melting Pot of topics

More than likely I will not finish this post in one sitting. It may get written in spurts.

First off, be sure to go back down and look at my post from Tuesday. I updated it with the recipe and pictures. I didn't really get to enjoy the process because I was trying to throw it together since I had my littlest girls and my niece clamoring for my attention :)

Second, life has been busy this week and I don't like it! I mean, I don't like everyone being in a rush trying to get out the door or me scrambling around to get my chores done etc. Part of it is because of doctor appointments etc, which can't be helped. And part of it is because I'm never sure when Samantha will wake up to eat or be fussy or if she's going to sleep at night or not. I've been trying to put together a plan to help calm things down a bit, so far, no good.

I have certain things I do each day, maybe not always at the same time. I think another problem is I get sort of 'anal' (sorry if that's offensive) about the house because, I'm the one doing it all. It just dawned on me that my children are perfectly able to do some stuff around here now. They are going on 7, 6 and 4 years old. Many times it's just faster for me to do it rather than try to get them to do it. Hmmm, how to get them motivated?

I think I'll make a chart of chores, and if they do it without complaining/crying they get something. Nothing major, just a sticker on the chart, then if they get 7 in a row or something, then they get something special. Think it'll work? There's no point in me working myself ragged just so they can destroy it again, and I want a tidy house. Should be possible huh?

So I am changing my goals. The hardest part of the day is the afternoon when everyone gets home from school. They're hungry, want to get all the toys out, usually start fighting a bit etc. Meanwhile I am tired as well, trying to finish up laundry and dishes and cooking etc. and trying to keep the house from being destroyed. I need to be checking their folders and making the next day's lunches but I usually don't get to it till later.

Now, early in the day, I am going to get the hard stuff out of the way. For me that is dinner, the clean up, and laundry. I don't mind starting and switching the laundry, but I do not particularly enjoy folding and put away. I have 4 girls who go through many clothes. It's very daunting at times when a large laundry basket is mounded over with clean clothes to be folded and put away. I also must do the daily food preps, such as making formula, separating cream from milk, making whey for the formula...this doesn't take too long, but it MUST be done.

That way, if nothing else happens, the important stuff is done :)

I mentioned last Saturday that I was alone with the kiddies. Leiah had an assignment to complete for Monday making a 'face' of her. She also had to make a poster with things on it about her. So, just to show you that I am fun sometimes and allow big messes (or in this case, sticky glue ones) here are some pictures.

Forgot to take a pic of the finished project. It was really cute with button eyes, yarn hair and my attempt at drawing the rest of the face :)

I had no idea, but in this area, all the schools have had an H1N1 flu epidemic! They even closed one school down. However, our school is taking great precautions such as cleaning all the buses everyday, sanitizing doorknobs and desks TWICE a day etc. It's not a big deal, I think the main symptoms are a fever and cough for a few days, but it can get serious if you have health problems to begin with.

I am not worried, because we already took our flu shot- when we got born again it's no longer I who live but Christ in me, therefore I've had a blood transfusion :) Jesus was never sick, and His Word says ' A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.' So long as you dwell in His secret place. Psalms 91

And so, I must conclude this post with a plethora of Samantha pictures, and then get moving on today's work, which is large and must get done early because tonight is Open House at the school.

Can you believe she is 6 weeks old? She looks just like daddy here! Notice the reddish hair-just like her sister Alexa! Matt has dark hair on his head, but his facial hair is red, that Swedish blood coming out I guess.

Look how chubby and squishy she's getting! I haven't weighed her yet, but she sure is getting heavier!

This is how I feed her when I need my hands. I use the playtex drop in bottles, so I can push all the air out. Baby can still drink the bottle even if it's not tilted upright. So, I propped it with some blankets and she held onto it! I just make sure she doesn't lose it and burp her when she needs it. I've only done this twice so far, but it sure does help when you've got pasta boiling needing to be drained or something needs to come out of the oven.


momto9 said...

Havigna brand new baby is so intense...I rememeber those days! The unpredictability makes it worse.....It WILL get easier!!

I too try to have everything major done by the time they get home from school. Then we go straight into snack then homework and signing stuff.

atomic momma said...

GREAT post! Thanks so much for sharing. They lift me so much and keep me going.

Kat said...

Those pictures of Samantha are just too cute for words =)

Sherah said...

Aw....she is getting so adorable!!! I love the chub! I totally know what you mean about the after school chaos - I'm working on that too. We used to do homework after dinner but it just got frustrating for them because they had dinner, cleanup, homework, then bed. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to motivate them.

So now they are allowed 45 minutes of free play & snacks after school, then at 4pm we start on homework. The faster they do it, the more time they get to play but - before dinner cleanup is at 5pm so they have motivation. That way after dinner chores they get to play - play IS important! =)

And, in our house the rule is: no toys gotten out UNLESS the previous collection is put away first! Does wonders with eliminating Polly Pockets & Legos disasters...those two do NOT mix with all the tiny pieces.