September 11, 2009

Goofy morning

Hey everyone! Guess what? It's 9:30 am, I'm still wearing my nightgown and all I've done so far is feed the baby and eat breakfast myself. And I think I have terrible bed head, LOL! Sarah, the three year old, has nothing on but panties.

Ok, so I'm not on top of it today. But I worked super hard the last couple of days and have been battling headaches and a sore throat. I am SO glad it's Friday. During the week life is routine, but harder than the weekend because I'm by myself. Yesterday evening before my husband got home was WILD!

Anyways, I'm sorry my background is too dark. The only way to change it is totally re-do the template. But if it's too dark, there were some others I liked so I can change it. Maybe is there a way to brighten your computer screen? I can press the Function key and F8 and it brightens the screen. But if it's a big problem I'll change it-let me know.

Aren't yall excited that fall is coming? I sure now all us Southerners are whining because we are TIRED of being HOT! The air conditioning ain't cheap either, and it's not like you can cut down on that, at least I won't! I made a pan full of cinnamon apples as a side dish yesterday and the children gobbled them up...ok,so I gobbled them up too. Yes it's time to burn the pumpkin spice and mulled cider candles, bake pumpkin and apple goodies, put the mums and scarecrows and pie pumpkins out on the porch and BURN. Is that weird? To me, when I smell someone's pile of burning leaves it instantly speaks fall to me. I think of weinie roasts on Halloween and all the burning my mom loved to do in the cooler weather. Yes, my mom likes to burn stuff a little too much, but she's never lost control of the fire but one time, and we didn't want that tree anyways, lol! Just kidding, we saved the tree.

Goof ball this morning huh? I was going to post how I've changed my philosophy on meal planning and scheduling, but I can't seem to get my brain to go that direction and now I'm getting nervous about not being dressed yet in case someone were to come over, which no one usually does, but you never know. Not to mention I have laundry to do, always, dishes to do, I'm sure there is something that needs to be soaked or cultured, my bed needs making, the bathrooms need a cleaning, the floor needs moppin', the house needs dustin' and just about every glass surface in the house is totally smudged up.

Guess I should go huh? I need to put more pictures up- maybe can I do that today. Of course when I usually say that on my blog, I almost never get to it, so don't hold yer breath. I love you all! You're all so sweet!!! Have a good Friday!


Anonymous said...

You are so real jessica, stay that way! ;) And you are very sweet too!

I hope you can catch up on some rest, just reading what you had to do made me tired! ;) But I have to do the same too, although culturing food isn't on the list. Amazing how much we moms do! LOL! No really! ;)

I have been making my own bread this week and it takes time if you don't have a huge mixer (We cannot afford one). It takes time to cook from scratch but it's certainly better for everyones health. I guess i need to balance what things we will only eat from scratch and others that we are willing to let go of for now since we have 4 little ones and time may be more preciouse in some things. We all have different seasons of our life and sometimes some things need to be eaiser for a time. balance in everything I think is so hard in the christian life I think we all see black and white- this way or that hard to stay in between. God will help us!

Have a blessed day!


SaChay said...

Your back ground looks great to me! Its not dark at all. It looks like a light 'orangey brown'. And with the black letters its just perfect! No problem here!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

I didn't get out of my pj's until after 10 this morning, so you were not alone! :)

Your background is fine, you can adjust the text color to a lighter one for more of a contrast against the darker background. Let me know if you don't know how to change that. :)

Have a GREAT weekend!! :D

Sarah said...

Don't change the template! I love it! Perhaps if you made the text white it would make it easier to read.

ccsmomma said...

I was out of my pj's by noon. I usually shower, get dressed then breakfast, but today was reversed. It didn't help that we slept late either.

The backgrounds looks great to me. No problems seeing it.

I'm glad you like fall...I'm learning to appreciate it. :)