September 12, 2009

Just some pictures

I meant to put this one up the other day- me and the baby all wrapped up! I love this thing and so does she.

All the kids with smiles!

A dark shot of my post partum body.

This special meatloaf I made for my husband- he loves meatloaf. This is Tyler Florence's ultimate meatloaf, complete with a specially made pepper and tomato relish inside and on top of the meat and topped with bacon! Dee-lish! And huge!

We had mashed potatoes, green beans and homemade 'Reese's Peanut butter cups', but they were actually healthy! I forgot to take a picture though...maybe later, there are still some left.

And one MUST conclude with a picture of the baby, awww, how sweet!


*Michigan Momma* said...

Hey Jessica,

What kind of wrap is that? Is it just a big ol' piece of fabric that you specially wrap around you in certain ways? Or is it a pre-made wrap that you purchased somewhere?

I really like this for when we are out and about. Just curious~

Oh, and the meatloaf looks fab!

momto9 said...

She's adorable and look at you loosing all that baby weight! You look great!
Love the wrap!

liz from new york said...

ohhhh..i so miss having a baby in the house!such a special time, and the homey, cozy dinners with just us against the outside world..priceless! our family is lovely!!

Sarah said...

Jessica, you are looking good! I love the picture of you and Samantha! The meatloaf looks delicious... I will have to get the recipe.

Robyn said...

very cute snuggly baby picture. that baby wrap looks comfy. and, mmm your meatloaf looks delicious.


Another Beautiful Day said...

Hey Jessica,
Would you share how you make the peanut butter cups??