September 16, 2009

Laugh it up

This video so describes me and my husband. I guess we're nerds! You are learning about my sense of humor. I've noticed that people have very different ideas on what is funny. I guess it depends on your background and where you're from. Generally, if I'm watching a movie, I want it to be funny or have lots of funny in it. That is a relief for me, to laugh. Life is serious enough, so I want some funny! Stuff i watch: Saturday Night Live ( the old ones from the early 90s), Seinfeld, Monty Python, Cosby Show, Andy Griffith, The Three Stooges, we used to watch Family Guy until they started making lots of bad jokes about God.

Favorite movies: The Princess Bride, Dumb and Dumber, Without a Paddle, The Matrix (not funny, but good), Facing the Giants (faith building!), Ace Ventura, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Army of Darkness (very slapstick comedy), Happy Gilmore, Tommy Boy, Wayne's World and so an idea of my funny side yet?? And of course, I know lots of Weird Al's songs :)

This is part of the attraction between my husband and I. Most girls that I know do not find these shows/movies interesting or funny. I'm one of the few that does. Our sense of humor connected which actually began our courtship--- when Matt came over one day and I was watching Monty Python, it was like the choir of angels sang for him I guess. He knew if I found that funny, then I was likely the girl for him! LOL!

So here's the video, can't get it out of my head! Thanks a lot Amanda! (my friend who passed the video to me)

Oops, I can't embed the video on my blog. You'll have to go to youtube and watch it, sorry.

*******Edited to Add- I actually intended to take this post down because the video I linked to is rather PG-13, which I forgot until I watched it again and I didn't want to offend anyone. That's why I put the Matrix one up, but duh, I forgot to take this one down. If no one is offended then I'll leave it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I can't believe I've found another woman who shares my sense of humor. My husband and I loved Dumb and Dumber. It was a favorite of ours for quite some time. We both share a love for the Three Stooges, Andy Griffith, Little Rascals, I Love Lucy and other older comedy shows. We watch Seinfeld most evenings before bed as we can't seem to get to bed before 10! I, like you, like to laugh. If I'm going to take the time to watch something I like it be funny or inspiring.
I hope you're having a great day and that this is a blessed week for you. Oh, by the way, we live in Texas too. Right outside of Houston. I'm ready for the cooler fall weather. This has been a dry, hot summer.

Kat said...

I LOVE The Princess Bride.

Have you seen Nacho Libre with Jack Black?

Anneatheart said...

Wow I completely forgot about Nacho! We own the movie, lol. For awhile my husband and I watched it almost everyday, we got so cracked up. And, though this one is a bit crude, I loved the movie White Chicks. I though it was one of the funniest ones I'd seen when I saw it the first time. I was sad when it got erased off our DVR...

Brandi- so your a fellow Texan. I feel for you because you're further south than me. We're about 4 hours apart!

Jess said...

Laughing is one of the best healing source there is. When I am feeling down I grab a good comic book or a good movie that will make me laugh. My husband loves Monty Python, I never really watched it until we got married.

My favoriate comedy is older comedians. I love to watch Red Skelton movies and comedy shows, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road To movies and so on.

In fact now I am in the mood to laugh I think when the kids are napping today I will put in one of those movies.