September 29, 2009

Topic One

Oh the things rolling through my head! Not enough time to write it all though, so I will concentrate on one topic.

Weightloss. Ugh.

It has been 7 years since I could shop in the misses department. It's been 7 years since I felt good about how I looked. Over these years I have learned more and more about health, and made lots of changes. However, for whatever reason, I still didn't lose much weight.

Since I follow the Nourishing Traditions principles, we do eat fat, but not excessive. (although I did actually put some butter on my delicious roast beef already laced with its own fat- I didn't realize it though, as soon as I did it I asked my husband "Did I just butter my meat?" And he said, "It's probably going to taste pretty good!") LOL. Still, for someone needing to lose, it's probably important to watch fat better than I do.

Still, there are SO many things I could do, but it's really hard for me to accomplish more than just basics on a daily basis, so I can't do something really intensive.

Here's one idea I got from a magazine- alternate days- for one 24 hr period you really cut calories, then the next day you don't, and alternate back and forth. That way your metabolism never has a chance to get used to what you're eating and burn it faster, plus you have days where you are 'allowed to cheat' or whatever. One day I could cut out all sugar and starchy carbs, then the next day allow some.

Then, there's the other diet I tried almost a year ago, which did work. I ate 6 little meals a day in balanced protein/carb proportions- all whole foods, no sugar or processed foods.

Many people I know are taking a diet pill made from herbs. I tried one last week, a HALF of one, and it still made me feel like I had a coffee buzz. That way I wouldn't have to change what I eat a lot, just eat much less of it. My own mom and several people from church are using it with good success and no side effects. (except in the beginning, you get that buzz feeling then it goes away)

What did I do before I had children to lose the weight? Ate mostly raw foods, absolutely NO processed anything except on my free day, and properly combined protein/ carb foods. Kinda hard right now.

Then my sister is doing the 6 week Total Body Makeover and is losing fast! She is the same size as me, but 6 foot tall, so she looks thinner.

My main obstacle is that I so love to bake. Even though I make changes to the recipes to make them healthier, I still like to eat them. Every time I have baby, the hormone changes make me crave sugar and lots of food in general. Thankfully I've only gained a few pounds back since I had the baby, but I sure have been eating a lot! I didn't care about food while pregnant, but I'm loving it now! I've even managed to get some weight on my little husband- took 8.5 years, but I finally did it!!! He's so funny, he doesn't know what to think about his first roll of fat :)

Even if I make the healthiest treats possible, it's still tempting to eat way more than necessary. But I want my girls to have yummies to eat, especially since it will keep them from getting processed junk. And I love making and eating homemade bread....

So all of this is in my head right now. Oh and there's the topic of exercise! I know it's better to lift weights and develop muscle because muscle burns fat even at rest, but I have no equipment and don't want to go to a gym even though we have one close by that I can afford that care of children. I just don't wanna go right now. I can walk in my neighborhood though, but I need shoes first...I can't use my exercise tapes because my VCR isn't working!!! SEE!!! Guess I can run in place on the carpet :)

Welcome to my brain :) Hope it's not too scary.


momto9 said...

No not scary at all...just normal:) but just just had that a few months you'll be amazingly have no idea right now what you'd feel like and how much energy you'd have if you werent caring for a newborn..
My baby is 14 months and I feel like a new world of energy has opened up for me. I'm weaning her, I'm not pregnant and suddenly I'm motivated:) Sometimes in the thick of things we jsut don't realize that really...we are just tired!
Since this is your last baby...that means that a year from now everything will be different for you...and maybe THATS the time that you'll be able to do all of those things.
One practical tidbit to use in the meantime and its not as hard or complicated as a total just to cut out treats. No sweets or other junk or soda at all....the craving does go away. Eat everything else....just not junk. I went from a 14 to a 12 just by doing that after my 7th.

atomic momma said...

Honestly, I think it's all about good old fashioned boring portion control. I've tried a bunch of eating plans and it all comes down to this. We just got in from errands and getting lunch out and it took MUCH discipline to wrap up the other half of my sandwich for later or tomorrow. We eat Nourishing Traditions now too but I still watch portions. It's the only way I keep my weight under control.

true blessings said...

Hi Jessica. I feel for you about the weight struggle. In the last 2-3 wks I've lost maybe 15 lbs. Well more like I have had to. Been dealing with severe pain from sciatica(pain shooting down my right leg) well all I have been doing is eating less of the regular homecooked food ,and tons of water. Veggies and fruit also of course, but more than anything portion control. I wasn't even really thinking about losing the weight.This way you eat your favorite fooods just serve yourelf in a salad plate and when you are done eating drink a lots of water,and if you have a dessert that you are really looking forward to ,have a smaller dinner.

Mary said...

YOu've already received such good advice! I just wanted to pop in and say I'm rooting for you!

SaChay said...

I love when you talk about eat fat lose fat. I don't know all that much about it, just what you have talked about on your blog. But I'd love to hear more on the subject, if you'd like to share!

Kat said...

"Did I just butter my meat?" That made me laugh (= And I bet it did taste good!

Another Beautiful Day said...

Don't feel like you're alone I've been really working on loosing. I'm down 38 pounds was 58 but I've gained 20 back so I started again yesterday. I'm praying for you!! Remember you just did have a baby and you look fabulous. I pray you have a great day..
Cristal in Florida