June 23, 2008

Crazy Monday

I had great hopes that I would start off the week with my new schedule in place and all would flow well. Due to some, er, issues me and dh have been dealing with the last few weeks, I had a late night and an emotional morning. That's all I can really say about that. I had a sinkful and counterful of dirty dishes, garden produce spread all over another counter needing to be tended to, mounded over laundry hampers needing attention and various stuff scattered around. Not a pretty sight.

So, after I got myself together, I got dressed and made my bed and tidied my room. The girls had eaten breakfast already, so I allowed them to continue watching their movie. I worked on the laundry and picking up and getting the girls dressed. Movie was done, got them at the table to play with something quiet while I did dishes. Then I got myself some breakfast (it was almost 10am!) and coffee, took my vitamins and sat the table with them. I worked on some things in my home management binder and gave them each a whole pad of post it notes and a pen. That kept them busy!! Then I got my Bible and read some Psalms and some parables and explained it to them. Then I made a word chart with pictures for Alexa- I'm priming her for homeschool next fall :) Then we cleaned up and they went outside for a bit and I made lunch. After they ate I changed into workout clothes and went outside to dig some holes for some plants and planted them. Then I found our double stroller and loaded them in it and walked in the super hot sun! Do not ever buy anything Jeep related to baby equipment- the whole time I was walking I had to fight to keep it from turning to the right. Then I ran some--wow was I tired and hot!

We got in and got cold drinks and cold cloths to wipe ourselves down and prepare for rest/naps. Now I'm chilling out- literally I am trying to cool off. Then I'm going to take a shower, eat something for lunch and work on my to do list :)

So, thankfully the day has gone much much better that I thought it would. I prayed a lot for my attitude to be right and obviously He heard me. I also took my vitamins and supplements and that makes me feel better. So, commit your way unto the Lord and He shall direct your path. Give Him the firstfruits and He will bless your efforts. I am so so glad that I know the Lord, or rather, that He knows me.


Mami Jen said...

Yeah! to a good day. Sometimes things seem much crazier then they are until we sit and think/write them out and find that all is well. Thanks to Him.

Rachel said...

Yeah for you! Continue on! I see progress in you! STicking to things and making an active effort to follow through! :)

Kathryn said...

I usually have to fight Mondays to start them right. It seems that the fun of Sunday can leave a larger mess to start Monday with. I think that over the years I've just "let go" of it being different and finally embraced that Monday's are the days to "force" the schedule, cleaning etc.. If I can do that the rest of the week flows smoothly!

VictoriousMommy said...

Mondays are hard. It seems for me that I have to stop several times in the morning and pray that God will give me strength to make it through the day. I am sorry you had a rough start but it sounds as if you ended up with a nice day.