June 10, 2008

My modest dress choices

There were a couple of ladies that have asked me about modest dress and what I am doing now. Well, I still think that women and girls look best in dresses/skirts. However, they are hard to come by and not always practical, in my opinion. (like if I am gardening and don't want bugs crawling on my legs or getting my skirt hung on a vine) My life is quite busy with the littles and cheapest way to wear dresses is to make them. I don't have a lot of time to sew for 4 people.

Right now we wear shorts, capris and dresses. On a hot day a nice loose dress feels great, especially if you have floor vents and can stand over the air conditioner, LOL. I am planning to sew some more light dresses for myself and maybe buy some online. I do feel much more confident and prettier in a dress. I feel more powerful in jeans, more authoritative, so I save those for when I go out of the house or whatever. It all just depends on my mood.

But, for the most part, I wear dresses on Sunday and 1-2 times per week. I think it's an individual journey and what the Lord speaks to you personally. Search it out like I did; get quiet to hear His voice and He will tell you. The other day at the water park I saw some pre-teen girls in bikinis. I was really disturbed about it because they were nice and curvy and it was distracting. I don't want my girls to distract others or for men to be ogling them, so I plan to enforce modesty a bit more, especially in public. For the most part they are always covered, but with a swimsuit we're usually at home, so it doesn't matter to us. I think sleeveless shirts/dresses, so long as it doesn't show the bra etc. is fine; dresses/shorts at the knee is fine and obviously showing cleavage or tight things on the rear are out!

That it is where I am at this point. I would like to do mostly dresses again, I just have to make time to work on it :)


DeNiece Barnes said...

Jessica I do agree with you, the lord will speak to you and tell you what you want to know. Well now that the summer is here a lot of women and girls feel the need to half dress and show the world their womanhood, but i will not allow my daugthers to dress like that and I also let my daughters wear capris when it is hot, but everything elses is dresses and skirts. As for me I chose to come out of the pants but I was wearing pants even after been saved for four years, now I just feel convicted so I stick with my dresses, but let the lord tell you want to do not people of this world. Be blessed DeNiece

Toni said...

Hi!I found you through candy`s blog.I`ve been reading through your blog and I really have enjoyed it!
I wanted to leave you a comment on the post you put up about raising your children.I want you to know that this is also a conviction
i have had latly as well.I have been absorbed in selfishness.I also have had my husband`s brother make rude comments about the house in the past.It really hurt my feelings.The worst part of it was hearing my husbad agree with him.I think God uses people to convict us.I am thankful for that conviction because now I can repent,and ask God to help me.I would loive to hear more about how you are including your children in your housework and such.
Remember philippians 4:13 all things are possible through Him who strengthens me:)Blessings!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the pants or shorts that have writing on the rear end! I refuse to allow my daughter to buy those. My daughter is 7, and a bit big for her age - wearing a size 12. It is SO difficult to find appropriate clothes for her. Swimsuits are fairly easy to find as the 50's look is still "in". No two piece suits around here, thank you! We wear dresses maybe 2x a week, but try to concentrate more on dressing as modestly as possible for the task at hand. I still can't fathom scrubbing a toilet or weeding the garden (in the wind~!) in a dress. Yet I have a mennonite friend who has no problem with it. I think it's what culture you were raised in, and modesty/not hanging out, is the key!

Interesting post!