June 19, 2008


Sorry my master schedule didn't work. The problem is I don't have excel on this computer, it's on the other one, yet the other one doesn't have internet right now, so I'm stuck. I'll rearrange the info on it later.

Someone asked me about the ingredients for the toothpaste I made. You can buy everything at a natural foods store or health food store. Or, you can buy it online. I don't have any recommendations about where to buy online except that you can get pretty good deals on virgin coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. I bought a gallon the beginning of March, which cost me $70 and just ran out a few days ago, but I used the last of the oil for frying donuts. That takes a lot of oil :) One thing, I would use less baking soda than what I originally put up, like 2 T, because after a day or so it started tasting salty. Adding more peppermint and stevia would help too, so it's really just something you have to play around with.

About kefir, there really isn't a 'recipe' to follow, just a method. I ordered my kefir grains, the live blob looking things, online. (Fermented Treasures I believe) Then you plop them in some milk- I use regular whole milk from the grocery store- and let it sit 24hrs. We like ours thick and creamy, so sometimes I let it go longer. Then I removed the grains, put them in new milk and refrigerate the kefir. I prefer to not use a blender to blend fruit with it to flavor the kefir, so I just use jello. I pick up a few boxes each week and mix the powder with the kefir to the desired sweetness. We love lime and strawberry and I bought orange flavor to try this week. I had to figure out an easy way to get the kids to drink it. I've also taken little paper cups, like Dixie cups, filled it with flavored kefir and fruit, partially froze it, then added popsicle sticks and let it freeze all the way. They loved it!!!
Kefir has helped us in so many ways, especially me as I suffered from IBS for a period. Thank the Lord He showed me what I needed to do.

You all came up with some good ideas regarding my neighbors. However I must clarify, we currently do not have a relationship at all; I have to start one :) I don't even know if she is interested in homemaking things right now- in fact I don't think she even cooks at all or anything. So, it will take time to make a relationship and help her desire to do those things. I just need to pray for the right opportunities I guess.

Well, went to the zoo this morning, then got caught in a massive thunderstorm, then got the power blown out at my mom's while we had seven children to watch, and now I'm finally home and need to do a few things since I've been gone since 8:15 this morning :)

Later 'gaters!


Lori... said...

Great guest coming to my blog - Michelle Duggar (mother of [almost] 18)...please come by and post a question for her.

Grace and peace to you... said...

I got up real early this morning and decided to grab a nice cup of coffee and read a little. I found your blog through Candy's a long time ago, but have always had such a limited amount of time on the computer that I've not ventured far. I decided to give yours a look over. Girl, you are quite inspirational! You are very real and I have been blessed by the posts I've read. I love how honest you are and how you continually reach higher. I am coming to a place - very slowly - of taking a hard look at some areas of my life that need attention. The Lord has been nudging to do so and it helped to read some of the things you've grabbled with. Thanks for posting such good and REAL stuff!

Anneatheart said...

Grace and Peace, thanks so much for your comment. I certainly don't pretend to have it all together- I like to be who I am and be real. I guess it must the Lord that makes me want to do that :) He's been showing me that blogging is a way to minister to others. Thanks for coming by :)

Buildeth Her House said...

I love the jello idea! Just yesterday when we were eating our yummy flavored yogurt I said "I wish there was a way I could make homemade flavored yogurt taste like this?" I do have a yogurt maker & I've tried flavoring the yogurt with koolaid packets and sugar but it just tasted yucky. Well now Jello might just work to flavor the yogurt & make it thicker. I'm going to have to give it a try. Thanks for the idea!