June 18, 2008

Daily Routine and Stuff

I really like how Candy has her daily routines and to dos posted on her blog. I got an idea about how to simplify things in my binder so I don't have to keep flipping pages all over. I thought I would put all cleaning, meals, daily work etc. on one page for each day of the week.


Monday- To Do's

clean all appliances, stove/oven and fridge

wash bedding laundry

strain and make new kombucha brew

Bible study with girls-15 minutes or so

Brain Gym with Leiah- basic exercises

exercise- Jiggle Free Abs tape, 25 minutes

kids' showers

I shower and tweeze eyebrows :)

Kids' Cleaning Chores:
L- wipe down fridge and oven door, also tidy room, make bed, table chores
A- wipe down dishwasher and washer/dryer, room chores and table chores, feed pets
S- at sink, wash it, help with bedroom and toys pick up and assisting me

Meals- quick and easy- usually ground beef based such as: beef and rice, spaghetti, sloppy joes, tacos, chili et. Breakfast is usually scrambled eggs and toast, Lunch is sandwiches and fruit

My master schedule, well, i don't know how to post an excel spreadsheet. I broke it up and blocks rather than specific times. I decided that the easiest thing to do to ensure most everything got done each day was to get up early. So, from 5-7am I do my cleaning chores so that during the kid's chore time I can help them without getting distracted. So far I've only been able to get up at 5:30-5:45, but we've had guests and been up later than expected.

I'll have to include my routines and such another time- I am out of computer time for now.

Today I went to get groceries, and got tied up on the computer with some bills this morning, so we haven't done Bible, Brain Gym or exercise etc. Sarah was very cranky when we got home and I put her in the playpen for trying to hit me (!) and she ended up falling asleep. The other two ate lunch while I put groceries away and then I let them watch a movie we just rented. Now Leiah is asleep on the couch an Alexa will be going to her room for a nap/rest time in a bit, which means Sarah may be up before they are that will throw me off. OH well. In the mean time I have clothes to fold and more to wash, bread to bake (in bread machine), buttermilk to make and kefir to strain, make 2 gallons of koolaid (yes I allow it once a week or two) and finish cleaning my bathroom. However I don't have to cook dinner because what I cooked yesterday didn't get eaten- we ate out instead. We will probably go outside at some point and get in the pool to cool off- yes even with central air it can sure get hot in here!

Gotta GO! But there it is and I think it will work. So far it seems to flow well with our lives. It is just a guide however and I certainly need one :)


prayzgod said...

Here's a trick for getting your Excell document "on" your blog. Get a free account with http://www.freewebs.com. They'll let you upload excell, pdf and word documents.

Simply upload your excell doc there, just as if you were uploading a picture.

Then, the file manager will have you excel doc listed in it. Right click on the link for your excel doc, and then either go into properties, or click "save shortcut," and you'll have a URL to your excel doc.

Then, just put the link up on your blog, then when we readers click it, it will open the excel doc. However, your readers will only be able to view the doc if they have excel installed.

mama said...

zohowriter.com is free and lets you post your uploaded document straight to your blog!!!

Ruth said...

I really need to come up with a master schedule. Right now, I just get up and do what needs to be done and write down what I accomplish.
Could you share your Kefir recipe here. I love Kefir and would love to make it.
Thank you,

Rachel said...

I found that trying to list every single thing was too much. I spent more time on my list than doing things. Silly me!

Now I have one list for daily stuff... one page for each room broken down on what needs to be cleaned... and a list of meals for the week.

My daily list says:

Morning routine - Bed, bath, me, meds, kitchen.

That means I get up, fix the bed, get dressed, wash face, brush teeth, fix hair, and take my meds. Then I glance around the kitchen and see what needs to be done. Floor swept? dishes put up, dishes loaded, counters wiped? I don't list them because looking around I can see what needs to be done and it changes daily.

Then I have the daily cleaning with each day of the week and what needs to be done.

Monday - Vacuum, sweep, mop.

Tuesday - Dust.

Wednesday - paper day.

I know that I need to vaccum all the carpet and sweep the rooms with flooring and mop them. I don't need to list each room. I know I need to dust.. that means the all the wood in all the primary rooms. My deep dusting happens when I am in that zone.. so light dusting every week is good enough for me. If I listed all I had to dust.. my list would be waaay too long LOL

I tweaked my list after a few weeks.. I was spending too much time running to the list to see what needed to be done instead of just doing it :)

Works for me!

Anneatheart said...

THanks ladies! When I can I will try out these free places. Rachel- yeah I'm a 'free spirit' as well and many days we 'wing it'. However, just the fact that I have everything listed and detailed in my binder makes sure than when my mind goes blank I have something to remind me. In the past it would be a burden to me to get everything complete, but now I keep in mind it's just a guide.