June 18, 2008

Popping in

I'm back for a bit. Yesterday after I did my usual take-Leiah-to-speech trip I got EVERYTHING OUT of the other house. I won't go into details about why I did it, but it's out, and my back is sore :) Guess we're having the garage sale at this house now.

Anyways, I have some new neighbors. They live in a tiny little trailer behind our house. They are a very young newly married couple. I have a good idea that the wife doesn't know anything at all about being a wife. I don't know if she is a Christian. I really want to help, but I'm not sure how, since I don't know her that well. When I use the youth pastor at church I had her husband as a student :), so I know him.

I want to pass on info for a happy marriage, but I'm not sure how. I figure the best way is just let her see what I do daily over a period of time, which means we have to develop a relationship, and that takes a lot of time. They have pretty much nothing right now, but the church is planning a wedding shower for them in a couple of weeks. So, any helpful ideas are so very welcome :)

I created a daily routine and master schedule. Today is the first day I've been able to try it out, as things have been out of sync with company and all. Maybe I will get more time to post that later.

I have to finish my grocery list now and head out to the store, so that's it for now. More later...hopefully...


DeNiece Barnes said...

Keep up the good work Jessica, you seem to have everything in control, just remember to always keep God first, like you are done :). Also just let the couple in the back of you see how you and your husband live as husband and wife and how you are such a devoted wife and mother than they too will want to know how you do it, and that is when you can tell them the secret is God.. stop by and visit me soon, have not seen you in awhile on my site miss you....lol

Thursday's Child said...

That's a good idea. It's much easier to lead by example. I have a friend who considers herself to be an atheist. I don't judge her lifestyle because I can hardly hold her to the same standards I would hold a fellow believer. All I can do is be a friend, offer good advice when it's asked for, and set what I hope is a good example. If I don't do that then all the preaching in the world won't do a thing. (Good to remember when dealing with my Muslim friends as well.)

prayzgod said...

I hope you'll share your daily routine and Master Schedule, I'd love to read them. :-)

Mami Jen said...

My sister got married two months ago. My gift to them was a Recipe book. I collected recipes from both sides of the family as well as outlines for money management, provident living, happy marriages and meal planning. Put it all together in sections in simple scrapbook form and they love it! I actually have to get another binder to finish it. I got so much imput from everyone it's been great. She uses it everyday. It was a lot of fun to put together and because it's in a binder she can add more recipes and notes.

Ruth said...

I think the best thing you can do is just show her by example which from what I read here you will do just fine. Maybe for the wedding shower you can give her a home management binder that she can then finishing setting up for herself.
I hope you do well on your garage sale.