June 30, 2008

Weekend busy-ness

Busy weekend!

Saturday morning we worked outside in the nice hot humidity at our other house clearing tree limbs and stuff and working on the garden. I hadn't sweat that much in a long time. Then we went to the lake that afternoon- talk about tiring!

I don't know about you out there, but it seems like everytime we go to a lake, the same kind of people are always there. Even when I was a kid, the same people are still at the lake. Women who are barely covered with their string bikinis, some of which should not even be wearing one, the men have mullets, a cigarette in one hand and beer in the other, children not being watched running all over the place, loud country music playing from someone's car, the interesting smoke smell coming from something other than a cigarette :) When I stood in a certain part of the lake, I could smell the beer, LOL! Oh and not to mention the random dogs running around that belong to someone who isn't watching them either. But we still had fun, especially the girls.

Today I will be using my computer time to work on a simplified home management binder for my sister. She has three kids, is a teacher but just took on a new position as a counselor and is getting her masters degree. She definitely needs some organization. So, this is it for the blog post.


Ohiomom9977 said...

I'm with you on the comment about people at the lake. We go camping on a regular basis and it's the same way. While I don't mind drinking in moderation and cigarette's (if it's not around the children at all) I can't stand when people don't watch there kids. I see children as young as 4 and 5 running around TOTALLY unsupervised. There are two ponds and I would be terrified of a child drowning as I've seen it happen to small children there before - not to mention the risk of someone stealing or molesting your kid. Our children are ALWAYS within our site when we camp (and at home too for that matter).
It's nice of you to do your binder for your sister. I'd love to do one for my mom as she could use some help too, but I think she'd take some offense and not see the benefit of it!
By the way, I've been reading your blog for awhile (found it through Candy's) and have enjoyed it, although I think this is the first time I've commented.

Val said...

Too funny! Those people are always there ;) LOL

Anneatheart said...

Hi Ohiomom, glad you finally commented :) People just don't think- I don't know why they don't watch their kids, especially cute little girls in bikinis. That's just asking for trouble. There was a gorgeous little blond blue eye girl, around 5 years old, just doing as she pleased. She stayed with us for awhile. Her mom was just on her float almost 50 yards away from her. Talk about a prime target for a sicko!

prov31rj said...

LOL, you must go to the same lakes that we have been to.

I try to keep an eagle eye on my dd. If I err, I want it to be on the side of being too protective instead of not protective enough.

I tried to comment on an earlier post last week, but my computer did something strange and I see it didn't go through.

Anyway, it's nice to "meet " you.


Joy Comes in the Morning said...

I can so relate. Our family went to a well know family type of a vacation spot. I don't want to say where because this has only happened once out of a dozen times. We had went during this big car show weekend and we were totally unaware at the time that there was the whole marti gra (sp?) thing going on. You know women show private things for bead necklaces. And there was soooo much drinking and parting going on. My son was about 2yo but it was still embarrassing. My husband was mortified. Needless to say, our vacation was ruined and cut short. The lack of basic morals was shocking. These women were flashing in front of kids, men, the elderly. They just didn't care. Anyway, I am rambling. Just wanted to say I know how ya feel.

busymama said...

I've been here a few times, but never commented. I want to thank you for reminding me of something I had lost and forgotten. My old favorites list was lost and I see on your sidebar you link to Laine's Letters. I had forgotten about that site. I really do enjoy it though. Thanks again! It sounds like, despite the not so appealing sites and activities at the lake, you still had a good time.


Anneatheart said...

Hi Mary, glad I could help you find Laine again. I haven't been to her site in awhile either. Thanks for commenting.