June 27, 2008


Finally here is a picture of my dishwasher. Keep in mind this thing is old and weird. The bottom rack has these weird bracket things that take up space so I can't really fit big pots down there and the space between the top and bottom racks is too small so plates don't fit well either! Anyways, there was more space for dishes to cram in, I just didn't have anymore dishes!

The top.

The bottom.

Once I ran out of dishwasher gel, I started using the recipe on Candy's blog, which is half baking soda and half borax. It works well. The dishes aren't as perfectly sparkly but I could put vinegar in the rinse thingie if I had one. Maybe those knobs on the left are where I'm supposed to put it. It works well enough for me! No gunk stuck in the glasses.

Vicki's dishwasher

Jennifer's dishwasher

Shannon's dishwasher

Mama's dishwasher

Candy's dishwasher

I couldn't help but take this picture and post it. This is how Sarah, the baby, sleeps. So cute! She was taking her nap yesterday and was in such a deep sleep I could hardly get her awake. So I took pictures :)


Ruth said...

I used to have an old dishwasher like yours. It died and leaked all over our floor one day. That same day my husband went out to replace it and purchased a Maytag. It was a floor model and he was able to get it for a wonderful price. I have had that one for 5 years now. I will have to take a picture of mine the next time I load it.

Sonja A. said...

Hi! :) Your hair looks super great! :D I can't wait to get mine done. I'm either getting it done when I visit my grandmother in Texas or in Alabama. It's sooo long...and here in Colorado with no a/c, almost unbearable. It's always up in ponytails, buns, or something up. Today I wore it down for the first time in a week to go to Walmart.

You can load a dishwasher better than me. LOL. I'm awful! Our family member in Alabama, Jesse, can load them with every dish in sight and have room leftover! HA! When we go and visit, I will load it and then he'll come and fix it...haha. Cracks me up.

Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

You do a good job at loading the washer.

Arn't they beautiful when the sleep. And some days I just can't wait for them to wake up. haha

mama said...

Hi there...here is mine http://cookingwithlittles.blogspot.com/2008/06/just-goofy-game.html

prayzgod said...

Oh, what fun! I took pictures of my dishwasher the day you put the post up about doing that, then I forgot about it. When I came to your blog, I saw your pics, so I put mine up at my blog.

Here is the direct link, if you want to see:


This was neat, and I enjoyed looking into other's dishwashers. ;-)

Cajunchic said...

coming out of lurking to say I posted mine in jest. lol

BTW I love your new haircut.