June 25, 2008

This was yesterday's post but blogger didn't work...

It's been a busy day- majorly!

God is so good. He cares so much about the smallest details of our lives. Last night I noticed that our air conditioner wasn't blowing cool air. It had been on all day running constantly, and sometimes it can freeze up if it runs so much. I dreaded telling my husband because that means something is wrong with it which means we have pay for someone to fix it. And sorry, but you cannot live without the a/c here. Absolute misery.

So he was checking on it in the midst of getting the girls ready for bed. I was putting Sarah to bed and said her prayers with her and also said a quick "And Lord help that air conditioner to work..." or something like that. I shut her door and Matt was standing there reaching into the unit and says "Hey it just kicked on and I feel cold air. " I said, well I just prayed for it- and 'the prayer of faith heals the sick, even air conditioners.' LOL :) It's still doing good.

After that, Matt put the other two to bed and Alexa had contracted the hiccups. He felt like he should pray for her and they went away immediately. I mean honestly, who would think God would care about hiccups and air conditioning? But He does and it is our faith that makes things happen. Whatever we believe we can have, says the Bible.

Today I was running lots of errands and half way through I noticed my gas gauge had suddenly dropped from a quarter of tank to E. As I was driving I noticed it registered that I had 60 miles to go then it went back to 61 miles. I literally said 'That's right, God can multiply my gas like the loaves and fishes.' Well to my amazement I watched my gauge move up- with every mile I drove I had more miles to go before I was out of gas. It was the reverse of what should be happening, but the further I went, the more gas I had. By the time I got back to my mom's to pick up the other girls, I had 80 miles left before I was supposedly out of gas. When I got to my house, which is 40 minutes away, I had 89 miles!!! I saw it happening, ain't no coincidence. That is my God!

Anyways, last Saturday I was loading up the dishwasher and noticed that my mother-in-law is very good at packing it full. I consider dishwasher loading something of an art form to fit everything in there. I'm not too good at it, maybe I give up too easy and just handwash, LOL. I was never really fond of puzzles. So I thought it would be fun to have a contest on who can fit the most in their dishwashers or dish drainers. That's hard too. Take pictures and post them on your blog and I'll make a link to you, or if you don't have a blog and still want to do it, email me at sundholm5@yahoo.com

I will try to get my own picture up soon- won't be today because I have an empty dishwasher right now.


Lori... said...

God is good, all the time!

On our move south we were driving a 27' Uhaul and a Honda mini-van, both loaded to the MAX. Rightfully, the UHaul should have only gotten 5 miles to the gallon and the mini-van, only 25. We prayed before we left for God to grace our gas mileage...

When we totaled all - the Uhaul received 11mpg and the mini-van got 35mpg.

His word says, ask and you shall recieve! Thank you Jesus!

ccsmomma said...

Have I ever commented here before? I'm such a lurker.

I love it when the Lord does those everyday miracles. i used to have a car that the a/c would fluctuate in. When it would start to run warmer than it should, I'd lay my little hands on the dash and pray a prayer of faith. God really does care about the little things.

Kat said...

Wow, Jessica! Those are truly little miracles. I also still remember your post not too long ago about getting locked out of your house and praying and then "click" you were able to get back in your house. Good stuff :)

Thirdtimemomma said...


I posted my dishwasher this morning.. :)


Jennifer said...

My dishes are up. http://myspaceforrandom.blogspot.com/2008/06/thursday-talent-show.html

Anonymous said...

Isn't God awesome!

My post about my dishwasher is done!
Dishwasher Puzzle