October 31, 2008

History of Halloween

Last year I did an extensive post on Halloween. You can view it here.

This year since we live around many people that we know well, we've decided to let the girls put their fairy costumes on and we've 'planted' candy in their homes for the girls to receive. We've never done trick-or-treating, but they are old enough to 'get it' now. I don't really view it as traditional trick-or-treating, since we're just going to people we've known for many years, but the girls are excited about the C-A-N-D-Y...I hope they don't load them down with lots of candy...we don't allow them to eat much.

Anyways, I would just repost the whole thing for today, but I just don't have the time right now. What's funny is my daughters, when we go to the store, start pointing out anything like jack-o-lanterns and all and start yelling 'Evil!Evil!"...it's sort of embarrassing because they are so loud and say it many times, but at least they did get the message...

**********************Edited after receiving a comment*****************************

Alright, the origin of Halloween is pagan.There are real witches and Satanists that do some very bad things on this night. I have a real problem with people who deck their homes out with skulls, spider web, ghosts etc. because they represent pure evil. Yet, people just think it's some other holiday- they don't understand the truth about it or don't want to.

What I don't have a problem with is decking my house out with pumpkins, fall foliage, autumn colors and smells and going to the church cookout where my children can dress up if they want in a safe environment. I don't have to worry about them seeing an awful scary mask that freaks them out. We have recently moved to a small community of friends (that are all related and go to church with us) that want our girls to come by and get some candy. So, they get to dress up in their costumes and go get some candy. We have never done this before- they were too little to 'get it'. As they get older, we will explain better the origins of this day. I have been very careful about what their little eyes see and teaching them why we don't do certain things that other people do.

Children LOVE to pretend and play dress up. Here is a fun opportunity for them to do so and show off their cute fairy costumes and get some candy that we never allow them to have as a treat.

Furthermore, I think I am done with blogging. I've enjoyed it and met some lovely people, but I am in a difficult stage of life right now and am highly emotional. (upcoming cross country move and all) I do not have the energy to explain and justify what I do and what I say. If a newcomer visits me and reads something I say, they take it wrong because they haven't read all the other stuff I said and therefore have no idea what I'm talking about. Then I get 'called' on it and have to explain myself. I have gotten to the point where I don't care what others think of me- if they hate me they hate me. More than likely, they wouldn't if they met me in person. Words on a screen just don't speak enough at times.

I am just plain tired of having to back up and re-explain my words because I've stepped on someone's toes. I am a pleaser and naturally want others to like me and want to make peace in all situations and give the benefit of the doubt. But right now I am tired. I don't know what this blog is about anymore. I don't know exactly who is reading what I say. What 'audience' do I have?

I'll be thinking on it...

*********************Edited again***********************************************

I have struggled greatly today. The reality of leaving my family and home has really hit me today. I've been crying off and on, especially when I found a bag of pictures that appeared out of nowhere of a trip I took with my mom and sister. I had a hard time being sick this week- to me getting sick is a failure on my part, and it's humbling to be in that place. I was behind on housework and laundry. So, there are a lot of things going on.

I realize, Rachel, that you weren't picking on me. It just hit me at the wrong time. I am very open minded and I too have changed a lot of things in my life by listening to others and the Lord. I cherish the ladies that come by and encourage me here- it is a real blessing. I am such a small 'voice' on the internet that the fact that anyone wants to listen to me is mind boggling :)

Your comment riled me, just because of bad timing. I am laughing when I type this, but I just carved a tiny Jack-O-Lantern for our centerpiece for dinner tonight. I was going to carve a cross in it but I am not very good with carving straight lines on a pumpkin...I bought jack-o-lantern candy bags for my girls...so, my mindset is changing a bit too. So many people have no idea where Halloween came from though, and that was my intent. My own mom was completely in the dark until we switched churches and they printed an article about it. Out went the black cats, skeletons and carving punkins. I felt kind of left out that I didn't trick-or-treat as a child, but I survived :)

Anyways, we don't watch scary movies unless you count Young Frankenstein or The Burbs, we do not condone anything with ghosts or witchcraft, except for the good fairies my girls are to be tonight...and I gotta go because dinner is burning :)


Rachel said...

I don't really view it as traditional trick-or-treating, since we're just going to people we've known for many years, but the girls are excited about the C-A-N-D-Y


I am not trying to be ugly here, but that's what the rest of the world is really doing also. What makes your version different from mine? If I do it, it's wrong because I'm celebrating a pagan holiday even though my kids don't SEE it as that... yet, you are doing the same thing.

Please explain. I'm really not trying to be ugly, but I'm sick and tired of some over-religious people telling me my celebrating H-ween is wrong.

Rachel said...

I do apologize if I offended you. That was not my intent at all. I seriously do not understand some over-religious people's claims that is it wrong.. to enjoy the festivities, etc.

What your blog is about? I have no idea. Is there supposed to be theme to a blog? Mine is random. It's my own thoughts and ideas and whatever is going on in my life.

I have read your blog for a good while and have, in all honesty, tried to give you advice and support and praise. Is not that what we should be doing for each other?

If asking a question gets you riled, perhaps closing comments or even closing the blog totally would be wise. I, on the other hand, love connecting with various types of people on the internet and try with an open mind to broaden my learning. I have even changed my views on a few things due to speaking with other people.

Best of luck on the move!

Mammy said...

I just recently discovered your blog so I am hoping you dont quit blogging...however, I certainly understand if you do. It can drag you down easily.

Demographically speaking, I am a 40 y.o., married with a total of 8 kids/stepkids, 4 who live with hubby & me full time. Seventh Day Adventist Christian, homemaker.

23y/o Army wife/SAHM said...

I haven't commented before but I enjoy your blog and in case you stop blogging I want to take this ! Random comments are definately the pitfalls of having an open blog (or posting on forums). I always tell myself.."consider the source". Is this person responding to me from a place of love and understanding? Or is this person just lashing out because they are offended or just want to air their own opinions rather than try to really understand?

Is this person someone who seems to have a close relationship with God and felt moved to share some insight with me after careful consideration and praying? Or is this person responding in a knee-jerk reaction over something that they disagree with?

As far as the last commentor, I think this says it all; "I'm sick and tired of some over-religious people telling me my celebrating H-ween is wrong."

I hope you decide to keep blogging! You are very motivating blogger and reading your blog has been a blessing!

Chele said...

Noooooooo! I love your blog! Please don't stop blogging. I read your blog almost every day.

Rachel, the difference may be in how you "clelbrate" it. If you provide a safe, Christian alternative, that's one thing. But, if you are decorating with a bunch of scary stuff, letting your children wear any kind of costume, and aren't selective about that, there's a problem. If the world can't see the difference between your house and the non-Christian's home tonight, then there's a problem. If you embrace the ghosts, witches, skulls and crossbones, and mess that's out there tonight, then there's a problem. That problem is the difference between what Anne is doing and what the world does.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, You have alot on your plate right now. Iwould totally understand the need to stop blogging right now. Blogs take alot of time better spent on family. You are young and have not found your way just yet. You will!

Honestly? Doing halloween "your way" is still doing halloween. IT IS OK if you want to do that. But realize that you are saying haloween is evil, then involiving your kids in your version of it.

Your audience? I am in my *cough cough* late 40's sahm who homeschools. My youngest is 13 and my oldest is 21. Happily married for 23 years.

I like your blog because you remind me of myself when I was your age. You are not afraid to think outside the box, and that is great! Just don't forget how to get back in the box when it is best for your or your family.

As far as the opinions of others? Well, pfffft on them! Be your own person.

Mary in TN

Rachel said...

Thanks Chele. That really is my point. I don't do the whole witch/scary thing, yet I have had many people tell me that ANY type of celebrating is wrong and that by claiming to not know the origin or the holiday or calling it by another name does not excuse you!Pooey, I say! Not in MY book.

I guess I figured that is what Anne was saying the first time around. Maybe not? That's what I gathered from reading her blog over the past ohoo.. several months now, if not over a year.

Apparently, I ruffled feathers, which was in no way my intent. So, Army wife, please do consider the source! Yes, I asked for her insite because I assumed she would understand I was asking out of respect and to perhaps help ME see things differently. Instead, what did I get? A grown woman running to hide in the corner wanting to shut her site down instead of standing firm and having an adult conversation, all because I asked a simple question that she could not handle. So, again, consider the source. I am in my 40s. I have seen H-ween go from kids running in neighborhoods while parents visited in the streets and everyone was having a good time, to churches and schools holding festivals for H-ween, to bon fires and private parties to current date where it seems most of the younger crowd are the ones spouting the evils of H-ween. So, I came to a younger person to ask for insite. I supposed I got what was to be.. immature responses from immature women.

Leigh said...

Hi Jessica,

I just recently discovered your blog and I am REALLY enjoying it.

I am one of those "over-religious people" that Rachel speaks so highly of that don't celebrate Halloween ;)

I don't push my beliefs on others, but I do speak my mind on my own blog, which if I am not mistaken is what you do and I have enjoyed reading your perspective!!

I hope you don't stop blogging, but I know you have to do what is best for your family. I am praying that your move goes incredibly smoothly and that God gives you lots of peace of mind.

Take care,

ElleBee said...

I hope you don't quit blogging, but I completely understand if you do. With the pending move, I can only imagine the stress you must be feeling. Please know that there is at least one stranger who would miss you, but is praying fervently that God will bless you with strength and peace of mind and heart.

Sarah said...

I have been reading your blog for well over a year. I have been blessed by you, and I will be very sad if you choose to stop blogging. I know that you are going through a tough time right now, and you are in my prayers. However, I don't think you should stop blogging. I am in the same boat as you- no "real" friends to speak of, that is, no friends that share my beliefs and values. Sure, I have lots of great ladies that attend my church, but they are all fifty or older. Not exactly ideal friends for a twenty-four year old! I consider you a friend, and would really be sorry to see you go. I think that all the Christian ladies that blog need to stick together and support each other. Though most of us have the Christian aspect in common, we are all going to have different opinions. If I do not agree with what someone is saying, I simply do not leave a comment on that particular post. I don't think it is right to express your opinion on another blog in the comments section. That is why people have their very own blogs- to express their opinions. Jessica, you have more of an impact than you think, and by reading your blog, I have learned new things. Just wanted to let you know! (((HUGS))) The move will be fine. I am very attached to my mother, so I know how you feel. Everything will be okay. I will be praying for you!

Mrs. Darling said...

Dear anneatheart,

I have blogged for over 6 years now and I know all too well the frustration of new readers jumping to conclusions.

I have to say that when I read your post I had the same thoughts as rachel. I am against Halloween in the manner the world celebrates it. Tonight when the kids came for candy our house did indeed look different than those of the neighbors. A basket of fall harvest vegetables set on a chair and the kids two pumpkins they carved beamed from the candle within. Many times this year my kids asked to decorate with scary things like the neighbors. I explained to them the origins of Halloween and why we dont do the scary stuff.

But its like Rachel said, I am still observing the Halloween holiday. The trouble with blogging is that everything has to be spelled out because people cant see how you say it or hear your voice. I think if you would have just said you dont endorse the satanic part of Halloween than there would have been no problem.

To add that you are just going to people you have known for many years so it isnt the same sounded like an excuse or a way around what you (and I) feel is an evil Holiday.

Rachel is right in that 99 percent of the non christians celebrating the day are not doing it for satanic reasons. They are now just going to friends houses like you are because of the safety issue. So though their reasons are different the result is the same thus you and I and the heathen are all celebrating the same day.

I have thought long and hard about my own compromise on Halloween and wondered what my accountability is to God on this issue.

I think this is why the Bible says, "to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling." In doing that we may all draw different boundaries but also in doing that we need to be careful not to condem others for the same thing we are doing even though we have excused our celebration under the name of "good intent."

Hang in there honey. You're at a stressful time in life. Keep blogging. It really does teach us a lot about people and about how we word things but more importantly it teaches us to see ourselves in ways that we would never look at our own selves if we didnt open our lives to the world. It's not all a bad thing. It really can be a very good thing if we use positive criticism to change and motivate us.

I am proud of you and your apology to Rachel was very sweet. We love you so dont quit blogging. It is growing you and while there may be a lot of growing pains the end product will be worth it.

Hugs and Blessings

PS. I suspect I have left comments on here in the past that have challenged you too and I never meant to hurt you in any way. Im sorry.

Anneatheart said...

I just wanted to clarify for anyone confused- my actual name is Jessica Ann, but I go by Jessica. I love Anne of Green Gables, which is why I chose the anneatheart.blogspot

Ok Rachel, are you saying that I am a grown woman hiding in a corner and shutting down my site? You say you don't want to be ugly, but that doesn't sound very nice. I am non-confrontational by nature- yes, probably what I said didn't make sense, but, look at my life! I have little ones running around, thoughts all over the place, sometimes it doesn't come out like it is supposed to or how I would like to if I had more time to think.

Do you like my blog? Do you want me to keep going? I have never seen Halloween in a good light, as you said. Growing up I never went trick-or-treating because my mom was scared of us getting poisoned candy and we lived way out in the country. This is all new to me. Like I said, many people do not know anything about the origins of Halloween, I put it out there so that they can think it over for themselves. Is that wrong? We really enjoyed taking the girls out trick-or- treating and so did they :) It was fun and safe and we avoided all scary things. Yes I carved a little jack-o-lantern. I myself am trying to figure out where to draw the line- again, just putting info out there for anyone who does not know.

Sheesh...I will keep blogging, but I do not like its look. I must find something I love because I don't enjoy looking at it right now...

Anneatheart said...

Rachel, I just have to say, I realize that your original question wasn't meant to challenge me in a bad way, but of all the mean comments I have gotten, that last one you wrote hurts my feelings the most.

As far as I can see, I did face you in the best way I could. What 'conversation' are you talking about? How can we have a conversation on the blog? Please understand, if in person, I soooo could have explained myself better.

Let's not end these comments on a bad note. You don't know me and I don't know you-we can't possibly assume things about each other. Let's forgive and forget.

God bless,

Andrea said...

My friend directed me to your blog just today, because we were having a halloween discussion. First, let me say that I'm sad to read, on my first day of reading, that you want to give up blogging! I was so thrilled to read that someone has the same views of halloween as I do! Thank you! It saddens me when people (Christians who should know better) trivialize the holiday. That is exactly what Satan wants, is for us to tell our little ones that it's all fun and games and there's nothing wrong with it! It's deseption. I feel like I have been defending my stance on the "holiday" for years and it still amazes me the compromise many Christians make. We agree whole heartedly with you. I let my boys paint pumpkins and dress up and we go to "Fall Fest" at church. We don't do anything to do with ghosts, whiches, death, evil, etc... We leave the house before trick or treaters start coming to the door and we pray that "we would be a light on this dark night". We also don't do trick or treating in any form because I am not comfortable with it's origins and what it represents. But, that is my personal cinviction. I don't condemn anyone for doing their own thing. Thank you for your great post. I guess now I need to go back and actually find the original post that you reference. Lastly, it is YOUR BLOG and you can write whatever you want! If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to comment. Or better yet, they don't have to read it! Blessings!

Andrea said...

Ok, I just read your original post. That was great! (and sad.) Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. Darling said...

Hmm Rachel I was with you until that last comment. That wasnt really mature of you on any level.

Hmmm, that kinda makes me sad because your first comment made a good point.

Renée said...

Hi Jessica,
The judgemental comments on blogs never cease to amaze me. I truly enjoy reading your blog, and hope that you will continue. I am a 25year old wife, waiting for the day I can be a SAHM (I am a wannabe SAHM!). If I read something on your (or anyone else's) blog that I disagree with, I leave it at that. I do not know you (and vice versa), your situation, or your frame of reference and so I refrain from passing judgement in the hopes that others will give me the same courtesy. I am sorry this post caused so much drama, and I hope it didn't ruin your night. God bless!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

I enjoy reading your blog & hope you don't stop posting!!!

Perhaps you can temporarily turn off your comments?? Then you can still get your thoughts out here and keep yourself away from the negatives you don't need right now!!

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Mrs.KAOS said...

I will be sad to see you leave blog-land. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I hope your move goes well and that it brings you many blessings.