June 15, 2009

The Awakening is coming

I guess I need to clarify my last post.

I am basically saying that it might be very easy to run and start storing up provisions because other people are doing it. Things look real bad for the future, so yes, it would be smart to think ahead. If I read on so and so's blog that we need to prepare for emergencies, and then run out and start doing it without talking to my husband or God about it, then to me that isn't wise. In my opinion. Do what you must.

When the Israelites went out of Egypt, did they have months worth of stored provisions with them? No, but God provided what they needed. All they had to do was obey.

I am just saying don't be afraid of starving if you're obeying God. Don't be afraid of not having a place to live or not having clothes etc. I am mostly trying to help the body of Christ calm their fears- we are not to be swept under with the rest of the world. If you're doing what He says, your needs shall be met. That's all I'm saying. I know I go against the grain with what I say. I know that my affiliation with certain 'Word of Faith' ministers is looked down upon, but if I had to pick, I'd certainly pick them, because they're preaching blessing in the midst of famine. Faith instead of fear. Living in the land of Goshen while the Egyptians are starving. I think I'll go with that.
And you know what, I can attest that it IS the truth, because I am living it. God's blessing is raining down, and I am able to give more to others and back to Him. God HAS already supplied our needs and wants exceedingly abundantly all we could ask or think, and it keeps coming!!!

There is a mighty awakening coming, and I pray I get to be on the front lines of it. I believe we're going to see miracles like back when Jesus walked the earth. I feel it in my core, I feel that THIS time is what I was created for. God needs us to work up until the end- He depends on us to be the ones to carry Him to the needy ones in the earth. Faith works. God works by faith in love.

I know I'm rambling here, but the Lord has spoken some deep and awesome things not to just me, but to our church yesterday and through so many others I've read about, or heard on the radio/TV. IT IS COMING!! SOON!!


~Bren~ said...

I think a lot of people feel if they stock up and get prepared, it is the same thing as God providing for them, and really it is true. There will be those, however, who can not stock up...I have no extra freezer as I gave it to my kids. Also I have a husband who is not saved and would call me nuts if I told him why I was getting "prepared"...still he is sanctified by me, so God will provide for him too. I buy loss leaders for stock when I can, but I do not walk in fear of no food. No matter what happens God WILL supply for us. I have His Word on that!
I have a strong Rhema background and understand where you are coming from. God takes us where we are at. Also, we know not everything...maybe He is calling some to stockpile for others who have no way to do it for themselves. Either way, fear is not of God. There are several ladies that I read who are getting their pantries filled who I think are not in fear, but feel the call to get ready....whether it is for the end times or a short recession, only He knows for sure.
You have a strong faith...hold on to it!

Anonymous said...

We went to a different church than we normally do yesterday ~ and this old, godly man gave a word from the Lord and it was a plea to "get right with the Lord and SOON because the time is VERY short. Hurry up, people! Put your ipods down and turn off your TV's and get right with God! You don't have much time!"