June 19, 2009

Lean not on your own understanding

Well, I stayed busy yesterday working on housework and did actually pack a box. I sewed the ribbon sash onto the top part of the dress and I'm hoping to video the skirt today for you. I also started some clothes for this baby- the vintage layette pattern I showed awhile back.

It's amazing that, in the midst of a time when I would normally be stressed out constantly, God has been reminding me to trust in Him and I've been able to! I know that He knows what's going on, and that He will provide what I need. To worry is the trap Satan has set so that he can snatch God's Word away from me.

The things on my mind:

Baby- why won't she turn head down? Why doesn't she move a lot? Is she growing right because I'm not real big? Is Samantha really the right name?

Other Children- I wanted to spend a lot more time doing fun things with them this summer, but have been preoccupied with other stuff and plain ole tired. We've been dealing with discipline issues as well and that's just taxing. The days are loooonngg...

New House- I am standing that we will get to move in the early part of next month. Apparently the papers haven't even made it to the underwriter yet, but, dh and I are praying for favor from the Lord that it gets done fast. All things are possible with Him! We also have to buy a refrigerator, which I was excited about until we realized the space for it in the house is very small and will cause it stick way out in the pathway of the kitchen. I also need to buy a cooktop, get all my curtains etc., we really need a bigger kitchen table and whatever shelves we will need. We may have to rent a storage building too unless we're able to get rid of a lot.

Present House- it's very plain since I'm packing up non-essentials. It is big and hard to keep straight, the air conditioner is leaking into the carpet, a toilet keeps overflowing and various other things are breaking.

Packing- where do you get boxes?? For free?? All of our sources before are now recycling boxes, so we're scavenging all around trying to get some boxes. We also need to sort through many other boxes of stuff, which may lead to having empty boxes. Still, it's a process, especially for the husband because he is a paper junkie.

Birth Prep- I have to go to the doctor an hour away every two weeks until July, then every week. I have to order all supplies I need for herbal healing of the incision and for breastfeeding help and my compression belly binder (more about that later); order the cloth diapers and other baby items.

I need to have time to set all baby gear up after we move so that things will run smoothly after birth.

School- all children have checkups and possible shots on July 2. After we close on the house I need to enroll my children in the school, get all the stuff set up for meetings for my oldest, buy all supplies/clothes they will need and so on.

SO, with all this stuff floating around in my brain, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But Father knows my needs and desires; He knows the plans He has for us and that they are to prosper us, not harm, lol!

So, I'm going to end this post with a few pictures of our new house-to-be. It is a manufactured home, but as i've said before, I am borderline redneck :) We don't care and we like it :)

THe Front

The Living Room

The Kitchen

My Bathroom...oh, the tub, how I wish I could have it now!

The back Porch

Front Yard, needs a little work...

Nothing fancy, but it suits us and we're happy about it.

***Oh yeah, last night I think baby turned. Every time I woke up I felt major movements, almost painful like she was doing flips, then this morning she had hiccups and they were down low and lots of feet kicking up towards my ribs. Yay!


Angela said...

I know how stressful going thru the home buying process can be. We are in the same boat...just trying to get all the paperwork done...does it ever end?

I am a worrier and need the constant reminding that God is in control. Sometimes it is so much easier to say than put into action.
Have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see your next video

Tereza said...

Manufactured or not...that house looks great!!
I'd try a produce store...they always have lots of boxes

Kat said...

I love your new house. I love the living room. I love the kitchen. I loooooove that back porch. Love it :)

Beth said...

Do you have a Freecycle group in your area? I've gotten lots of boxes thru that.

Your house looks wonderful! I love the tub too!

Joy Comes in the Morning said...

Your house is beautiful (from one borderline redneck to another;) I love those columns in the kitchen area. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Shannon L. Fowler said...

You can get FREE boxes on Freecycle or Craigs List! At least you can here in Raleigh, NC. :D

atomic momma said...

LOVE the new house! I find you to be the most amazing woman!

His Tender Mercies said...

I think your house is very nice...wo cares if it's a manufactured home. We went from a very nice but modest home that my husband built to a manufactured home with a full basement. The house is larger & has alot more land, which is what we needed & wanted & it was within our price range. I get so tired of the negative image that manufactured homes have. I just feel if this is what the Lord wanted to provide for us, then it's good enough for me ,because it's from Him....anything else would be complaining about what He has given me.

Saved Sinner said...

The house looks lovely. We don't really have that kind of home here. They did have prefabs just after the war though.

Saved Sinner said...

Whoops - I meant to say try freecycle for boxes - that's how we got ours and once we unpack we'll get rid of them that way too.