June 8, 2009

Trying to schedule our life

Hey everyone!

First I wanted to let you know that I am still going to do some more videos, I just had to stop for the week last week. I did do one of my house, but like I said I ran out of batteries and kept forgetting to get more so I could download it to the computer. I might redo it though because we've changed some things this weekend.

We finally got the house stuff going. We were back and forth on the phone Friday night making offers and counter-offers!! We finally got it settled and signed papers. So this week there has to be an inspection and a survey done, and I'm not sure what else. A huge blessing is that we will be able to pick out a brand new cooktop and refrigerator. I will certainly be getting the flat top cooktop- no coiled burners!!! And hopefully I can get the kind of fridge that has a freezer on the bottom so that the refrigerator is eye level- much easier!

I'm 30 weeks today! Wow, time is flying by. My baby is breech and I'm wondering if she is stuck. I've been having LOTS of pain in my hips and inner thighs, and this morning under my incision from past c-sections, which I never have. So there may be something out of alignment, and I'm going to pay a visit to the chiropractor this afternoon.

I devised a loose schedule/routine for this month/summer. Last week was difficult with adjusting to having Leiah home all the time and not having any set routine. I have a lot to get done, and can't keep doing no routine. Now that I don't have to get up early, I can allow myself to wake up when ready and it doesn't take as long for me to get started.

So my new plan is:

Monday- focus on cleaning, like an emergency quick clean or home blessing- sinks, toilets, wipe stickies, mop, vacuum, some laundry

Tuesday- focus on food prep- making breads, culturing stuff, clean out fridge etc.

Wednesday- groceries and errands, including dropping stuff off at Goodwill from all my declutterin

Thursday- focus on packing/getting rid of stuff- my goal is to pack at least 6 boxes a week, more laundry

Friday- touch up clean, more packing etc.

Daily Stuff

Morning Chores- tidy bedrooms, make beds, tidy bathrooms, get everyone dressed, make and eat breakfast, kitchen clean up, start any laundry

Cleaning stuff/packing

Kid time- my mom bought us this reading program for babies called Your Baby can Read in hopes it would help my oldest, plus the younger ones will benefit. They watch a dvd and do flash cards. We also need to practice writing letters/names for my 5 year old.

Children have some alone time- on beds or on a couch while I do lunch

Eat and clean up, then outside play. If it's too hot we can switch this time with the reading program


Afternoon work- finish up laundry, tidy the house, work on dinner or other food preps if needed

Evening- have dinner, clean it up, family time, baths/showers, bedtime stuff, vitamins

After children are in bed- make sure house is tidied, kitchen cleaned up, breakfast prepped if needed, clear a junk spot, personal hygiene stuff

Bible study, time with dh, bed :)

I am great at making plans, but not exactly at implementing them, so we'll see how this goes :) I'm going to try hard to stick to it for my sake, because I need the help! Things will vary though since I have doctor appointment Thursday morning, and I may want to do groceries at night or on the weekend. But at least we have a basic framework getting all bases covered. The same goes for planning menus. I plan it out, but we rarely ever go by it exactly. Things always change. Today I was supposed to cook beans, but I didn't get them soaking last night, and we CANNOT have beans without the soaking process- affects us for days, lol! Nor did I get oats soaking for oatmeal.

So this morning I cooked some packets of istant oatmeal and fried me an egg. After I get done here and start my laundry, I'll throw some cooked ground beef and ingredients for meat sauce in my crockpot, and we'll have pasta and a freshly picked salad for dinner. I might even make a loaf of bread for garlic bread.

So, after finally getting myself awake this morning, I made my bed, tidied my room and got dressed, then had the girls go ahead and get dressed and fix their beds/room. Then we went to have breakfast. I like how this works- we can be done with the bedroom stuff and not have to go back and do it after eating etc. I'll try to make this a habit. I made breakfast and did the dishes while mentally figuring out dinner. I ate my breakfast and am visiting the computer a bit to rest my ligaments (around my belly). Then I'll get back to work :)

And now it's time to end the lengthy post.


Tereza said...

I'm awesome at making plans too:)..not so great and following it:):) but your plan looks kind of doable I think...though there are always unexpected things that creep up on us!...so don't worry too much if all doesn't go according to plan!

Kat said...

I'm always trying to schedule our life, but then life gets in the way ;) Really, I am a list maker. I just made us up a summer schedule, because since school ended, we had forgotten how to be productive people. So, I made my little summer schedule, and then the very next day (which was going to be our first day of implementing it), I had to unexpectedly take my little boy to the doctor. It took a 3 1/2 hour chunk out of the day and threw the whole schedule off. Sometimes you just gotta' go with the flow :)