June 9, 2009


The website I recommended, Fermented Treasures, isn't offering milk kefir grains. I thought I ordered them from there. I checked another place, Gem Cultures, and I believe that is where I got them. They are quite pricey now at $22, whereas when I bought them they were $14 I think. You can also check ebay- I ordered both kefir grains and kombucha scobies from someone that way before.

For more info about kefir, please go here to the most extensive website I have ever seen on a subject!

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His Tender Mercies said...

Someone gave me some kefir grains....it was about a TB worth. I started the kefir yesterday morning. How much grain do you need for how much milk? I don't know if I used enough. Secondly and this is my biggest concern. How do you know that your kefir is done and not just curdled sour milk from sitting out for 24 hours?