June 16, 2009


Today I hope to do another video showing the dreaded sleeve sewing. I'm also going to show the first dress I made and how I plan to embellish the dress. I'm going to break it up in chunks, so after sleeves I'll do one showing the skirt, then the zipper and finishing. You're going to see the real deal, mistakes and all. I am much better at sewing than I used to be, but far from perfect or expert.

Also, if I can find a place high enough to set my camera (I'm tall!) I was gonna show you a profile of my 31 week preggo belly :) I haven't taken a picture in forever because I don't look much different. I think the baby is still feet down :( She isn't very active still and most of the kicks are down really low on my bladder. Her name is going to be either Samantha Abigail or Samantha Faith. So we'll have Leiah, Alexa, Sarah and Samantha.

We are still getting everything in order for our house. I think it's all basically done, just waiting on the actual bank to get everything together and done- praying it gets done soon. I need shop around for refrigerators and cooktops so I know what I want to put in if it gets done early. I am DEFINITELY getting a fridge with the freezer on bottom- I am tall and pregnant and I had a layer of living slime on the bottom of my fridge simply because I couldn't see it! Plus after surgery, bending down ain't gonna be nice. And I am DEFINITELY getting a cooktop that is flat- no coiled burners. Everytime I cook on mine it starts burning whatever I dropped in there from the last time.

Also, I notice in my videos I seem very serious and almost bland. So odd because that is so not me. I guess because I'm not actually conversing with someone I get really focused on what I'm doing. I'm actually pretty animated. Oh well.

Oh and everyone feel sorry for me, I am so hot all day long. This poor air conditioner just isn't working well enough for the Texas humidity. I'm just plain hot, all the time. That's why I was wearing my not so flattering big loose thin sundress yesterday- the only thing I own that doesn't cling!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your videos, I like to see how other homemakers do things.

You will love having a flat top cook stove. I love mine, and yes, it's easy to keep clean. The cleaner that the stove comes with does not work. You'll want a can of Bar Keepers Friend, it's a scouring powder something like Comet or Bon Ami.

Does your new house have AC? Sure hope you get to move in soon, I can't imagine the hot Texas weather, I'm in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I second the flat top stove. They are AWESOME! And Barkeeper's Friend works magic on keeping it clean.
Hot and humid... check out a dehumidifier. Makes a huge difference, even if your ac isn't working so well. They're a bit pricey, but if you look on craigslist, or maybe get a deal at an appliance store...? Know what they say about California, "It's a DRY heat"... seriously makes all the difference in the world when it comes to heat.
Love the name choices! You are blessed!

Saved, Not Stupid said...

Just a quick note about the flat top stoves. If ou plan on doing any canning, you won't be able to use the flat top for it. We're stove shopping, and we've heard from several places that you can't. Then again, I prefer the coil top since we aren't set up for a gas stove (I wish we were). Congrats on the house and keeping everything going.