June 1, 2009

The week's agenda

Monday again...it comes every week doesn't it? LOL. I like Mondays though, especially if I've maintained things over the weekend.

I don't know about you all, but summer has definitely arrived here in Texas. Yesterday it was at least 92 degrees! I was at a cookout with my husband's work staff and it was plain ole HOT! I had to go inside for awhile to get cooled down. I'm not used to it yet...wait, I don't think I ever get used to it! Born and raised here and still hate the heat!

But that's ok, I'll be alright. Thank you Jesus for air conditioning! Well, I got the memory stick for my camera. Why didn't I get one of these three years ago?? I'll be playing around with the video later, so we'll see what I can do. If anything it will just be a short kitchen post, and then I may do a sewing one later in the week if I can get my act together. My husband is going to do one for our garden which I plan to post here too. I can't believe I haven't posted any pictures of our little garden. The frost bit it back, but most of the plants came through and are thriving out there! The only things that didn't make it were our peppers and my basil, but we replanted.

I have some great summer recipes to post- just ones that I came up with over the weekend. I bought a watermelon, which happened to be sweet, blended it up with fresh mint and made popsicles out of it! So good. I also made homeade lemonade with mint and a yummy dip for veggies. Mint is EXTREMELY easy to grow, in fact, you have to watch out because it can take over the yard if you plant it in the ground. Mine is somewhat contained a flower bed, but it survived the winter, so it's hardy.

What's on the agenda this week for me? Well, today is Leiah's last day at the dumb co-op school. Tomorrow is a water play day at a park. We are also going to make an offer on the house and get all of that rolling. I am trying to create a loose daily routine/schedule for the summer, because my children have been fighting a lot. They just can't have free reign to play at will all day-bad things. I am trying to come up with things they can do at the table or individually. I'm working on a craft box for each of them to have and I may buy a jewelry making kit or something. I will need them to be still and occupied anyways so I can do some packing. And then I need to get the rest of my sewing projects cut and sewed up. Now if you watch that video down below of Nancy Today, just keep in mind that my videos may be like that. I am no expert, I have been very clumsy lately, and especially with sewing, anything could go wrong!

Time to go and finish my morning stuff and get the girls working on theirs. See ya later!

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