June 21, 2009

Video Ideas

Ok, so just wondering what video I should do next. I rather dread doing the zipper because it might go terribly wrong :)

So, I could try doing one of me making challah bread- the six strand braided sweet bread I made loads of for church. I don't want to do a house tour because we are moving soon and this house isn't too pretty right now.

I really feel like a wimp right now. I'm uncomfortable and tired and sore and cranky and sleepy. I finally succumbed to asking for help with my housework and kids so that I can manage packing boxes among other things. Yes I know maybe if I didn't make videos for my blog I would have more time, BUT, it's rather a lack of physical energy and ability rather than time right now.

I am soo rambling here so I'm gonna go. But, if you have video ideas, pass them on. I need to go to bed now :)


Tereza said...

oh you know what? I enjiy whatever you make! Get creative...do some with your kids?

Kat said...

I think the challah bread video does sound good :)

SaChay said...

I'd like to see the zipper!!! Your sewing videos have really encouraged me! And I'd also love to see the bread!

Anonymous said...

I think any cooking video would be just fantastic. Bread baking or any of fermenting stuff or just important informational nutritional stuff. But thats just me, really anything im sure would be great!

God Bless you!
~Joy =)

Anonymous said...

I like to see how other housewives organize their cupboards/closets/drawers. But that might have to wait until you are settled in your new house.