June 30, 2009

Pressing On

I've figured out the secret to getting through a hard time.

Just cling to the Lord. Rest and trust in His Word, and when your emotions are running down, ask for fellow believers to pray for support.

After a day of watching my little angel lie on the couch with fever, uninterested in anything, totally lethargic, and then ending it with bloody diarrhea, I certainly needed some support. I did very well actually, considering the other two girls were hyper all day, I am in the 8th month of pregnancy, and I was endlessly doing laundry. By the time dh got home I was feeling pretty wore out though, and he was able to strengthen me and lift me up.

Leiah had an accident on the carpet so bad he just went out and bought a steam cleaner. Yeah. Then we discover blood and mucus in the diapers and I have to call the doctor. However, she started perking up last evening and eating a little, and today has been herself. I was continually speaking healing scriptures over her and praising God for her healing though. She is fine now, not up to eating real food yet, but appears fine. Thursday we'll know if she had some type of bacterial infection or what.

Anyways, sorry if too much info, but that's reality. Just because I am a Christian doesn't mean I never struggle or life is roses and honey :) There are major, real struggles, BECAUSE I am a dangerous Christian- a faith filled standing on the promises of God one.

I so long to be writing and doing homemaker-y things here. Life isn't affording me to opportunity to do that yet, besides being the nurse :) I just try to keep in my mind the verse Jesus says about whoever does this (give food or water, visiting the sick...) unto the least of these (as in children) does it unto Me. It doesn't go unnoticed by Him.


jesnicole said...

Awe, that poor thing! Hope she gets over it all quickly! :(
And you're right!...OF COURSE....life isn't always all roses!!!

"These things I have spoken to you, so that in ME you may have peace, in the world, you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." -John 16:33

Hope your days are full of peace, comfort, and hope through all this. :)

ccsmomma said...

Sorry to hear one of your babies is so ill. That's so hard to see them so sick and not be able to do anything but pray. Hope she's soon on the mend!

My girls and I have been watching the sewing videos. I know how to sew, and used to be pretty good at it, but since I had the 2nd girl, and we live in a (singlewide) mobile home I just never get the machine out any more. My girls hardly believe I can sew.

Sending good thought and prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for your dear girl ~ and for the other ones to stay healthy. You certainly need to be prayed for, too! If I was your neighbor, I'd be right over to help!!