May 14, 2008

Big News

Well, we are moving. Like this weekend. This time last week I still thought we were going to be in this house for another year or so. Things can sure change fast.

What's going on exactly; my in-laws bought this house for a future residence and we rented it from them. They really need to sell it now because of the real estate market and just the way things are looking financially in the country. They have let us rent this place very cheaply, thus the challenge of being able to find a place we can afford.

We decided to tell Matt's parent's to go ahead and sell the house on Saturday morning. Sunday afternoon we found out that some dear friends from church have a vacant house for rent, which is only a few miles away. The price was still a bit steep for us, but we feel the peace of God and know that if this is what He planned it will work. So it's ours now.

It is a nice large blue double wide trailer with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a built on garage/car port and storage area, nice front porch, the largest back porch I've ever seen and access to a pool. A real inground pool. Plus we will be surrounded by people from our church.
(they're all related)

I took some pictures and then my camera died, so I will try to do that later. I will expound on it some more, but i've got my sister's little girl too, so we'll have to wait till naps for that.

Ok I have a minute :) I didn't get all of the house ,but i got the main parts except for the ultimate huge bathroom. I'd rather have a big bathroom than a big bedroom personally.

Most of the front.

The eating area. I have always wanted bay windows and a 'breakfast nook'.

Part of the kitchen.

Main part of the living room.

And that's it for now. Maybe I can do a more detailed post after we move- it has been almost a year since I did A Day in the Life of Me. Maybe I can do that after we move...


mama said...

Wow what sudden changes!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Thirdtimemomma said...

Life happens fast doesnt it? :) What a cute little house. Im glad for you. Isnt amazing how God works things out. :)

Rachel said...

OHoo, nice! I'm getting quotes this week on bricking the bottom of mine like that! Love it!