May 3, 2008

Life in general

Life is busy, busy as usual :)

My sister is a highschool special ed teacher. She also has three kids- two boys ages 7 and almost 5 and a little girl who just turned one. Her mother-in-law has been keeping her children since the first one. However, she has been sickly lately and found out she has breast cancer. So, my sister (Rebekah) has had to find alternative babysitters while her mil goes to all the doctor appointments etc. to figure out what should be done.

So, the only other people she knows are those of us with little children already and no openings at daycare. Tight spot! So, three days last week I watched little Emily. She is a good baby, still takes two 2 hours naps and is easy going. Still though, I end up with 4 little girls 5 years old and under. Can't go anywhere and my normal routine is off.

However it has been good to just take it easy and play with the kids. I've been able to do some housework, but not like when it's just my three. So we've been outside a lot playing with bubbles and sidewalk chalk and puttering in the garden. (which is growing like crazy by the way-dh is weeding the masses of weeds right now) I have been online, just not able to really pull a post together :)

I am also getting ready to host an afternoon tea next weekend for the ladies at our church. The extra living room we have will be the tea room, which I will transform with all of my and my mom's porcelain dolls, doilies, decorative teapots and artwork depicting children and mothers, candles etc. etc. etc.! I also decided to make another Regency dress for myself, since I am the hostess I figure I should look the part. I got the dress cut out and the bodice well on its way. I am still deciding the menu and we've been eating a lot of scones :)

By the way Evelyn, I ordered tea from the link you sent and it's already here! I tried the Rose Cream tea and it's great!!!! Thanks so much- I ordered a tea cozy like I was wanting and now I can figure out how to make one. Plus she sent me three samples of other kinds of tea. For anyone else interested here is the link. The prices were great, which is why I was able to buy a tea cozy because it was less than $15!

Anyways, in other 'news' Miss Sarah is talking a lot more now and it's so cute. She runs and yells 'mommy' to me now and will say 'Pow pow, where it go?" (pow pow= pacifier) She has several other words like 'puppy' 'cat- meow, hiss hiss', 'ok' and her jibber jabber, which I love. I've never heard a child 'talk' like her. She will be carry on a whole conversation with gestures and everything in some unknown tongue, LOL :) The cutest part is her voice inflection and tone when she says the words, kind of sing song.

Ok, enough bragging on my cutie pie. The other two are still fighting a lot, mostly because Alexa tries to boss Leiah and Leiah can't talk back so she just bites or scratches :( But I am working on getting a schedule going so we can keep them busy and separated and only allowed to be together for a certain length of time. Usually when I decide this they suddenly start playing well together :)

Well, it's past time for me to cook dinner. Have a good weekend!

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I'm glad you liked it. I knew that their shipping was really fast!
Evelyn Masters